By Dixie Somers

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large bedroom space where they can fit a California King, cozy seating, or a fireplace. If you are living in a tiny bedroom and you are looking for a way to open up your limited space, there are plenty ways to trick the eye and utilize your space effectively so that you don’t feel like you’re living in a breadbox.

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Here are six design ideas that will keep your tiny bedroom from getting too cramped and cluttered:


Choose Colors That Make Your Room Feel Larger

6 Ideas to Open Up a Tiny Bedroom Space - Bright Neutral Colors

J. Patrice Design

You might not realize it, but choosing dark colors for your bedroom will likely leave you feeling boxed-in because dark colors do not reflect any light. Reflecting light is ultimately what will trick the eye and create the illusion of more space. By choosing light or bright neutral colors, you can give the light a platform to bounce off of.


Light Doesn’t Come from a Bulb

6 Ideas to Open Up a Tiny Bedroom Space - Natural Light

Columbus Square – New York, NY

Natural lighting makes a space appear larger. If you have a dim room that lacks natural light, it will feel smaller than it already is. By keeping your windows unobstructed or choosing a sheer window treatment that light can travel through, you can let there be light and create the illusion of space. 


Strategically Place Decorative Mirrors

6 Ideas to Open Up a Tiny Bedroom Space - Mirrors

EnV Chicago – Chicago, IL

You can create the illusion of extra space by strategically placing mirrors throughout the bedroom—by placing them on opposing walls, they will reflect off of each other as well as the lights and make the space look more open. Restaurants often use this technique and will line the walls with mirrors to make their establishment look bigger than it really is.

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Not only will the use of mirrors open up your room, but it will provide your walls with stylish décor. You can create a mirror “gallery” on the wall by hanging different styles or colors of mirrors at different heights. This will make the room feel more open, and create an aesthetically pleasing design on the wall.


Use Furniture That Will Maximize Your Wall Space

6 Ideas to Open Up a Tiny Bedroom Space - Furniture

If you are shopping for furniture for a bedroom, it can be a challenge to find the perfect pieces. Utilize your walls and you can maximize the floor traffic flow of your room. With floating shelving systems, you don’t have to waste space in the bedroom with a clunky bookshelf or hutch.

Even hanging a few hooks on your wall will allow you to utilize more wall space and perhaps open up a little space in the closet. Just remember, the room will shrink if you completely cover the walls from floor to ceiling, so don’t go overboard with wall décor or storage.


Under-the-Bed Storage

6 Ideas to Open Up a Tiny Bedroom Space - Under the Bed Storage


If you have a tiny bedroom, you likely have limited closet space as well. If your closet is full, don’t let the rest of your bedroom suffer from clutter! Yes, your mom always got mad when you used to shove things under your bed instead of cleaning your room—but this is different.

A captain’s bed or a modern bed with drawers is the perfect alternative to a bed and dresser combination. If you have folded clothing you need to put away but a dresser and a bed will take up all of your floor space, put your captain’s bed against the wall and you have solved your problem. If you don’t want to get an entirely new bed, consider creating your own storage system under the bed and ditching the dresser.


Make Your Bed a Focal Point

6 Ideas to Open Up a Tiny Bedroom Space - Bed as a Focal Point

Arthouse – Seattle, WA

One essential element that makes a bedroom a bedroom is the bed. To open up space, you need to create a focal point that will draw attention away from the limited size of your space. Buy or make a decorative headboard to hang above your bed or purchase a large piece of artwork that will compliment your new bedding set. By having a personalized bed, you can turn your plain old room into a comfy, customized bedroom instead of just a room with a bed in it.

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If you’ve suffered the frustrations of trying to decorate a tiny bedroom, suffer no more. With the right color schemes, design, and decor placement, you do not have to feel cramped in your room. You can create a space that’s all your own without filling it with bulky furniture or large wall hangings—the details of your bedroom will create the illusion of an open, luxurious space, no matter how small of a space you have to work with.


Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, women’s interests, and home decor. Dixie lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters, who are the inspiration for her writing. Dixie got her advice about windows for this article from the professionals at Comfort King Windows & Doors in Ottawa.


[Main Image Source: The View – Los Angeles, CA]