Going on an apartment tour can give you a sneak peak into what your life could look like living in that space. It may look beautiful on the outside and perfect on the inside, but before you sign a lease, you’ll want to check certain areas of the apartment.

Think of it like finding a spouse—you wouldn’t marry him or her purely based on looks. It’s what’s inside that really matters. Here is an apartment tour checklist that can help you know if you’ve found the right rental:

Rental Walk-Through Checklist Infographic

The Faucets

Head into the bathroom and the kitchen during the apartment tour to check the faucets and the showerhead. Make sure to check three things: that the water turns on, that it’s capable of getting hot and cold, and the water pressure is acceptable.

You don’t want to be discovering that your shower only drips water onto you when you hop into it at the end of a long day. Check out these things beforehand to help you make a decision about the apartment.

The Toilet

Go into the bathroom and flush the toilet. It should easily flush without overflowing. Stick around to make sure that the toilet doesn’t keep running—this could mean a higher utility bill for you should you move into the apartment.

The Kitchen Appliances

Think about all of the appliances you may use on a daily basis, like the stove, the microwave and the dishwasher. Test all of these appliances to make sure they’re in proper working order. Turn on each burner to ensure that it’s working, open and close the microwave, and press a few buttons to make sure that you’ll be able to cook food in it easily.

The Walls

Can you sleep well at night if you hear your next door neighbor blasting the TV or talking on the phone? Don’t go apartment hunting without checking the walls. Figure out if you can hear unwanted noise and whether or not it makes an impact on your overall decision.

The Doors

Safety is obviously a pretty big thing to consider when searching for the perfect apartment. Make sure all of the doors have locks and deadbolts. If they don’t, ask your landlord if they’re in the process of being put in. You wouldn’t want to move into an apartment that’s not entirely safe.

The Lights

Go through each room in the apartment and switch the lights on and off. Make sure that the lights not only work, but that they’re bright enough too.