The busiest shopping day of the year is quickly approaching! Black Friday shopping can result in some great savings on gifts as well as items for your home.

Generally electronics are one of the biggest doorbusters for Black Friday shopping. Last year we were able to score a flat screen television for our home at a rock bottom price! To get the best deals while Black Friday shopping follow these tips.

Be Organized

The number one rule for Black Friday shopping is to be organized. Make a list of items you need for your home or for gifts. Most stores release Black Friday ads well in advance. Compare the ads between the stores and determine which store has the items you need.

Write out a prioritized list for items and stores you intend to shop at. If you intend to purchase a big ticket item such as a television, make that your first stop.  Before you head to the store, determine a spending budget.

Shopping Strategy

Bring along a shopping partner and ditch the cart! The stores will be crowded making it tough to maneuver a cart. If you have multiple items on your list—divide and conquer with your shopping partner.

If you have set budget, stick to it. The great deals found on Black Friday make it tempting to buy extra items. As you wait in line, you will probably see many other items that were not on your list. Even though it’s a good price, remember to stick to your list! You won’t save money if you over-buy.

Price Matching

Many stores that participate in Black Friday shopping, will price match other stores. In order to price match, you will need to have the advertisement handy. Most stores require that the price be listed in the ad—not just a percentage off.

Compare ads ahead of time, circle the price matched items and make a note on your shopping list. Make sure you bring the ad to the store with you.

Bring Patience

The stores will be packed, items might be out of stock and the lines will be long. Go into Black Friday shopping knowing that patience is needed. Of course having a shopping partner to chat with while standing in line helps too!

Black Friday shopping can save a lot of money on household goods, electronics and décor. To be successful at Black Friday shopping go in with a plan. In the end you could end up with some great deals for your home and gifts for the family too!

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

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