Add festive flair to your apartment this season by making a fall wreath. This DIY project is simple, inexpensive and sure to get you into the autumn mood. Here are some fall wreath ideas to get you inspired:

A Husky Harvest

Nothing says autumn quite like a harvest-themed fall wreath. Glue corn husks onto a pre-made Styrofoam wreath base to create a traditional circular wreath; or  gather a few ears of dried corn for a rustic door decoration.

DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Corns Husks  DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Dried Corn

In Your Element

For a simple, elegant fall wreath, start with a pre-made twig wreath as your base. Add natural fall elements and fibers, such as pine cones, acorns, burlap and gourds.

DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Natural Twig with Gourds  DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Twig Wreath

Branching Out

Is your favorite part of fall is the brilliant colors of the leaves? Create a fall wreath with leaves! It can be seasonal or annual, depending on the leaves you use. For a one-time decoration, gather leaves in all colors from outside. If you want to use this again next year, find silk faux leaves at the craft store.

DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Fall Leaves  DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Fall Leaves with Glitter

Rake it Out

For an eclectic take on fall decor, build a rake wreath. (Say that 10 times fast!) Rather than having a pre-made wreath base, you will wrap various materials around the head of an old rake. Find one at a thrift store and remove the top from the handle. This unconventional decoration is sure to evoke images of raking leaves outdoors.

DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Rake Wreath with Leaves  DIY Fall Wreath Ideas - Rake Wreath



More Inspiration

Check out this gorgeous fall wreath made by a renter, Rachael Kelly. We love it! If you’ve made a fall wreath you want to have featured, email photos to

DIY Fall Wreath



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Ideas for DIY Fall Wreaths 

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