New Year’s Eve is right around the corner! Inviting friends and family over to your apartment is a great way to ring in the New Year. To help make sure your décor is festive and fun, Darby Smart has festive DIY project kits to help bring some silver and gold to your humble abode. Here, we will show you how to create Bubbly Toasters ($19), perfect for a champagne toast at the stroke of midnight. 


DIY Project - Bubbly Toaster - Supplies

This kit comes with four glass champagne toasters and gold beads in a bottle.

Step 1

DIY Project - Bubbly Toaster - Step 1

Clean the surface of your glass champagne toasters to make sure there is no dust or residue. We used some glass cleaner and paper towels.

Step 2

DIY Project - Bubbly Toaster - Step 2

Decide on a design and start beading! Hold the Beads in a Bottle about 1/16” from the surface of the glass and create your bead. As you lift, release your squeeze on the bottle. This will create a Hershey-kiss-like shape and will give you the beaded effect. Keep in mind that the beads will shrink slightly from the original size you create.

Step 3

Allow your toasters to dry for at least 4 hours. You want to make sure your beads are fully hardened before hand washing and, of course, toasting!

DIY Project - Bubbly Toaster - Complete


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