Once you and your pup find an apartment in Austin, Texas, get ready for plenty of canine adventures. Happy, hippy and boastfully weird, Austin residents are pooch progressive with restaurants and parks throughout city that are havens for hounds. It’s consistently voted one of the most dog friendly cities in the United States.

There are more than a dozen Austin dog parks that cater to a vibrant pup community. If you are relocating, remember you are in the Lone Star State now­ and there can be snakes. In our research, we have come across reports of both rattlesnakes and water moccasins. No one has been hurt, but remember when you are in any unfamiliar outdoor surroundings to stay alert and be cautious. Welcome to Texas.

Red Bud Isle Dog Park

On Town Lake, just below the Lake Austin Dam, is Red Bud Isle, which is actually a peninsula. This is the place if your Spot loves to swim. This watering hole is leash-free and enclosed so your dog can run and swim freely with plenty of trees provide shade during the summer months. The regulars that frequent this hound hot spot are a friendly bunch. Keep in mind that parking can be challenging.

West Austin Dog Park

This Clarksville dog park is one of few fully-fenced in the city. With high gates, it’s great for runners and jumpers. This urban oasis for apartment dwellers has running water for drinking and cleaning after a good roll around in the dirt. What really makes this park special are the responsible owners and its strong sense of community. The locals make sure that West Austin Dog Park stays well-maintained. This adds up to not just social time for pups, but for humans too.

Onion Creek District Park

If you are looking for a more secluded off-leash spot, try Onion Creek District Park in Southeast Austin. With winding hiking paths, a wading creek and a large space fit for running and fetching, this has been a well-kept secret for many years. Just out of range for downtowners, these grounds attract a quieter crowd. A word of caution: watch your step, as you will share the trail with the occasional horse and the gifts they leave behind.

Northtown Dog Park and Disc Golf Course

Just north of Austin in Pflugerville is another hidden gem of a park. There are two fenced-in areas, one for smaller dogs and one for pups over 25lb. There are poop stations, an agility course, tons of shade and plenty of water. If you want to make a half-day of it, there are also grills and an enclosed picnic area. Also worth mentioning are the Grade-A people restrooms. The downside is that you may feel like you are getting lost on the way there. It is well off the beaten path. Keep going; you’ll get there.

There are plenty more dog parks in the Austin area. Let us know which are your favorites!