You’ve found some potential new homes and you’re ready for some apartment tours. Not sure what you’re supposed to be looking for? has your back.

Here are some things to check during apartment tours:

  • Check the locks on the doors and windows of the apartment (and the door of the building as well), to ensure they close properly. Note: If there is condensation on the windows, they aren’t closed properly! 
  • See that the floor is not slanted and, too, that it’s not warped in any way as that could be a sign of a previous or existing leak.
  • Another leaky clue: Make sure there are no spots on the ceilings and/or walls.
  • Turn on the water to make sure the pressure and color are to your liking. 
  • Look around for both good outlet locations and livable socket numbers.
  • When doing apartment tours, notice how much natural sunlight it gets. Light can have a major impact on your overall mood so keep an eye out for big windows!
  • Try out the appliances. If anything doesn’t work, ask the landlord if he or she is willing to fix or replace it. If the landlord says yes and you choose to move in, get it in writing!
  • If you have a car, ask about parking availability, security and monthly costs.
  • When looking at an apartment, check for little holes in the wood in the floor, and indication that bugs likely were there. If you see steel wool stuffed into any crevices, rodents were there. Take note as rodents are never welcome guests! 


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[Image Source: Flickr – hharryus]