Some people want to live with roommates from the time they move into their first college dorm until it’s time to move in with their significant other years later. Others are a little less excited about the idea, worrying that their roommate may be noisy, messy, or otherwise a little hard to live with.

If the latter sounds like you, it may be time for you to start looking into living on your own. Going it alone, however, brings about a whole new problem– which is better suited to meet your needs: A studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment?

Studio and one-bedroom spaces both have their own benefits and drawbacks, and choosing one over the other is often a very subjective decision. That said, if you’re ready to start living on your own, here are some factors to keep in mind when deciding between a one-bedroom or studio apartment:


Living on Your Own Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartments - Price

The most obvious factor involved in this choice is, of course, price. Studio apartments are almost always going to be less expensive than single-bedroom units in the same area. Depending on where you live, though, the price difference may be as little as $50 to $100 per month– not that much if you consider the extra space and amenities you may be getting in a one-bedroom apartment. If price is your priority, though, studios are the obvious choice.

Floor Plan

Living on Your Own Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartments - Floor Plan

Another obvious factor to think about is the difference in floor plans between the two styles of apartments. Studios often offer only a single room for your bedroom, sitting area, dining room, and kitchen and a separate bathroom.

One-bedroom apartments, on the other hand, will likely have completely separated rooms. You may find apartments that blur these lines, depending on your city. For instance, my first studio apartment had a large separate kitchen that was big enough for a small table.


Living on Your Own Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartments - Size

You may find that many studios are big and many one bedrooms are tiny, so size is not the first factor you should use to prioritize. However, even if studios are huge, one-bedroom apartments will likely still require more furnishings, just by virtue of having separate living spaces.

If you’re moving out of a roommate situation with only a bedroom set and a single chair, a studio may be a great option for you!

Social Opportunities

Living on Your Own Studio vs 1-Bedroom Apartment - Social Oppurtunities

If you’re a host at heart, a studio apartment may not be the wisest choice. Studios can sometimes limit your ability to have game nights or movie nights, or just have friends over for dinner. Unless you’re fine with everyone sitting on your bed and having your personal belongings out in the open for all eyes to see, an apartment with a separate bedroom is probably a better choice.

Go for a studio if you’re not planning on having many people over– or your new apartment is big enough for a complete seating area.


Living on Your Own Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartments - Storage

Though this isn’t always the case, one-bedroom apartments sometimes have more storage than studio apartments. That said, I’ve lived in a studio with three full closets and a one-bedroom apartment with only two– so it can vary apartment-by-apartment.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a lot to store, you should probably plan on shelling out extra for a one-bedroom place. Even if there aren’t more closets, they’ll likely have a bit more room for bookshelves and other storage systems.

So Which Is Right For You?

Living on Your Own Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartments - So Which is Right For You?

Deciding between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment when living on your own comes down to prioritizing your needs– because nobody knows what you need better than you. It also depends on the apartments you can find in your area. In some areas it’s common to find convertible studios, which are a mixture between the two styles.

In fact, if you’re getting ready to search for an apartment, it’s a good idea to take a look at both studios and one bedrooms in your area, at least at first. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what each type of apartment commonly looks like in your community. Who knows? You may even end up finding something you love, even if it wasn’t what you originally wanted!

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Living on Your Own- Studio Vs. One Bedroom Apartment

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