It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I don’t mean the holiday season … It’s football season! Sunday football is a traditional held by many Americans, as they don their favorite sports attire, plop in front of the television and munch on foods that don’t require a plate. As an avid football fan and fantasy football league owner, I take Sundays pretty seriously.With these football party ideas, you can spend your lazy afternoon the right way.


Sure, you may not have been able to snag tickets to the (insert favorite NFL team) game this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the festivities of a tailgate. If you have a backyard area, set up some games like bean bag toss or hillbilly horseshoes and invite friends over for bloody marys, mimosas and a hearty breakfast to prepare for the day ahead of you. Pair up into teams for games and get ready for a competitive afternoon.

Friendly Wagers

Fantasy footballers know how fun, and frustrating, it can be to have a stake in each game. Even if you aren’t a part of the online tournament, you can place friendly wagers with guests for bragging rights, drinking or a bit of cash. Squares are a fun and simple way to amp up the competitive edge at any Sunday football party.

Game Day Grub

No Sunday football party is complete without food. If it’s an all-day event, I’ve found the best solution is to provide breakfast, snacks and dinner. Whip up something like an egg casserole wrapped in crescent rolls or a breakfast pizza with all the fixins. Then, make sure to have simple finger foods around like chips, dips, crackers and cheese so everyone can freely pick at it between beers. For dinner, prepare something out of the ordinary, but simple.

To kick off the 2013 football season, I prepared a smoked pork shoulder on the grill. All you need is a piece of meat big enough to feed all your friends, rubbed with the seasonings of your choice. Then, toss it on the grill to blacken the ends. Add your smoker (which you can purchase at any home good store for under $20) to the grill and let that baby simmer for about four hours. Once you take it off the grill, the meat will just melt apart, and your guests will be impressed and satisfied.

Take it Outside

Did you set up games outside? Why not bring a television too? Wireless cable is incredibly common, and most providers don’t charge any extra for a wireless receiver. Put a small television in a sturdy area so you can spend the entire day outdoors and watch every touchdown. This is even fun when it’s chilly out because it feels like you’re actually at the game. While this option is luxurious and fun, it’s not necessary to have a good time, so don’t fret if it isn’t possible for you.


What’s your Sunday football routine?


[Image Source – Flickr – Janet]