Summer break is in full swing and I bet you have heard the words “I’m bored!” from your children at least once! I know my children have said those infamous words a few times this summer.

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Here is a list of 11 boredom-buster summer activities that will keep the whole family happy!

Summer Activities: Balloon Fun

A balloon seems like such a simple thing, but kids love them. Plus they are inexpensive–bonus! Here are four fun activities to do with balloons.

1. Indoor Volleyball: Use a latex balloon to hit back and forth over a couch. Don’t let the balloon touch the floor or the other person scores a point. The first one to 10 wins!

2. Water Balloons: Surprise your kids on a hot day with a bucket of water balloons! Play water balloon toss in your apartment community grounds or at a local park, and see how long you can keep the balloons from popping.

3.Silly Balloon Face: Let your children draw silly faces on balloons with Sharpie markers! Use different colored markers for a bigger impact.

4. Balloon Stomp: Tie a ribbon to a balloon; then tie the balloon to the child’s ankle. Mark off an area that the kids must stay in. The children chase each other around trying to stomp each other’s balloons. The goal of the game is to not let your balloon pop! This game is best played outside but could be done inside if you have a large open room.

Summer Activities: Let the Creative Juices Flow

Get the glue sticks, crayons, paper and glitter out! Of course arts and crafts can be a messier activity, so make sure you plan accordingly. Prepare your table with a protective cloth or newspaper and put an old sheet on the floor to protect the carpet from spills.

5. Melted Crayon Art: For this project you will need a canvas board, crayons and a hairdryer. Simply hold the crayon over the canvas and use a hair dryer to melt the crayon. As the crayon melts, it will drip onto the canvas. For another approach, hot glue the crayons onto the canvas and then use the hairdryer to melt the crayons. Experiment with this project as it can be done many different ways.

6. Storyboard: Cut out pictures and words from old magazines and glue them to paper or cardboard. Have your child make a storyboard about their favorite activity this summer.

7. Press Flowers: Collect flowers and press them to save for later. Simply take flower petals and place between two pieces of paper. Place a heavy object on top and let dry for a few days. Your child can then glue pressed flowers on paper to make cards.

Summer Activities: Get Moving


Children are full of energy! Get them moving this summer with these fun activities.

8. Dance Party: Turn up the music and have a dance party! Try all different genres of music. Make sure you get out there and bust a move too.

9. Jump Rope: Jumping rope is a lost sport. It’s great exercise and it can be done indoors (with a cleared room) or outdoors. Make up jump rope games and songs to jump the day away.

10. Yoga: Yes, kids can do yoga too. In fact, it’s a great activity to do with your children. There are several yoga videos for children that you may be able to find at your local library or online. Partner poses would be fun for you and your child to try together.

11. Interactive Video Games: Most children love video games, but instead of playing games that keep them sitting, try games that get them moving. There are many Wii games out there that require off-the-couch movement.

By the end of summer your children will have completed a long list of creative and fun activities. You won’t even give them a chance to say “I’m bored” with this list of summer activities!

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