If you have a cat, you probably love coming home to your furry friend after a day at work. However, chances are you don’t enjoy the smell of the litter box. When living in a small apartment, those fumes can work their way all around your home. And when you entertain guests, you don’t want the box to be in plain view.

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Don’t worry. Here are some tips for stashing your litter box away in your pet-friendly apartment:

Underneath a Table

If you have a glue gun and some curtains, you can hide the litter box underneath a small table. Just grab an end table and glue the fabric on the inside perimeter so the edges won’t show when you have guests over. Leave an opening for the cat to pass through and you’re done. The cat will be able to go in and out and you’ll never have to see the litter box (except when you clean it out, of course).

Storage Bin

You can also cut a hole out of one side of a large storage bin and put the tray inside. Then your cat can use it at its leisure while everything is hidden away.

Other Containers

If you don’t have a storage bin, there are a range of others tables you can use. You can retrofit an old bench to store the litter box. Also, if you have an extra large basket it can serve the same purpose.

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Make sure there is enough room for your furry friend to venture in and out of the unit and ventilation for the odors. Once you have those things taken care of, your cat won’t mind using the litter box in a new place as long as it isn’t disturbed while doing its business.