Let’s face it: kids can be messy. And most of the time, it’s you that’s left to clean and declutter their room. What if you could simply prevent the room from getting messy in the first place? We know—it sounds crazy, but with the right storage solutions all of their toys, clothing, and other accessories can be perfectly put away, leaving your child’s bedroom sparkling clean. Here are a few creative storage ideas for your little one’s room:

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Every little kid needs a space to store all of their keepsakes, whether it’s a book, a stuffed animal or a picture that they drew at school. Open shelving provides a way to both display their treasures and easily put them away. Choose a bookshelf in a neutral color with a simple style that will easily adapt to your child’s changing tastes as they get older.

Storage Bins

Color code your kid’s room with bright plastic bins. Each color can hold something different, whether it’s books, colored pencils, stuffed animals or shoes. It will be easy for your child to identify where things should be put away based on the color.

Hanging Shelves

Stylish storage ideas are sometimes hard to come by, but not with hanging shelves. You can choose a color and texture that matches your child’s room. By utilizing wall space, you don’t have to worry about the floor getting cluttered. Just make sure to put the shelves at the right height so your little one can get toys and put them away whenever they would like.

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