Your apartment decor should be a reflection of your personal taste as well as an outlet to express your interests. Choose a theme to guide you as you embark on the journey of decorating. Here are a few ideas for quirky and fun concepts:

1. Storybook

Center your apartment decorating around your favorite story, whether it comes from a book, movie, TV show, game or folklore. For example, if you’re an avid reader of Jane Austen novels, choose pieces that are reminiscent of the late 1700s to the early 1800s. Ask your landlord if you can temporarily replace light fixtures and instead hang ornate chandeliers. A large mirror with a golden frame is another great piece. Find furniture that features flowing curves. The art you hang might depict simple country life scenes.

You can also break your apartment floor plan into various areas that can mirror common rooms of the time. A “Pride and Prejudice” themed apartment might have a space that serves as the “drawing room” or an area deemed “the parlor.”

2. Mood

Decorate around the concept of evoking certain moods or atmospheres. Each room can be dedicated to a different emotion using line, movement, colors, light and texture. For example, your bedroom might feature bright yellow elements to serve as the happy room while a red kitchen would evoke a passionate feeling. Red is also thought to promote appetite.

Research color theory as it pertains to psychology to help you plan your decorating themes. Feng shui methods are another great resource that will help you design your apartment decor.

3. Seasonal

Many people have a favorite season and they lament its passing each year. Hold onto that time by decorating your apartment to seasonal specifications. If you love autumn, decorate using rich colors like gold, bronze, copper, moss, burgundy and burnt orange. Add leaf and twig motifs wherever you can–try finding twig-shaped candle holders or leaf coasters.

4. Hobby

Enjoy your favorite hobbies all the time by forming your apartment decor theme around them. For example, purchase copious amounts of bookshelves and fill them with literature if you love to read. Further support this pastime by creating comfortable spaces where you can get lost in a story. Lay giant pillows in a corner where you can read and hang a lamp over the spot so you have adequate lighting.

If you’re an outdoor adventure enthusiast, hang art that reminds you of being outside. You can put up photos of your outings to remember the times you spent in nature. Buy loose rock-climbing wall rocks and use them as well art for something totally unique.

Love music? Hang records. Love photography? Display vintage cameras. The options are endless!

5. World Traveler

Take a trip around the globe by turning your apartment into a worldwide tour. Each room can incorporate elements from some of your favorite cities. Use colors and patterns that are common in each country you draw inspiration from.