Do you text, prefer a macchiato over a cup of joe, and know what Twitter is? Then you just might be a millennial. A huge wave of 20-somethings are moving out of their parents houses and into their very own apartments.

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And like any other age group, millennials seek specific amenities when searching for the right neighborhood in which to live. If you’d categorize yourself as a millennial, you might want to know what others in your generation consider a must.

Here are the top five essential amenities that define great neighborhoods:

1. Access to Public Transportation

Many millennials flock to major cities after college seeking energy and opportunity. However, having a car is expensive, and in most cities, unrealistic. Finding a neighborhood with excellent public transportation is key–but not all neighborhoods have convenient connections to other parts of the city.

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Know the main areas that you commute to regularly, and look for apartments that are within walking distance to a public transit hub that can take you directly where you need to go.

2. Great Nightlife

There’s nothing like getting out of work after a long day of enhancing your company’s social media presence and heading straight to the trendiest bar. Most millennials are at the stage of life that’s between college-binge-drinking and getting-serious-settle-down-mode, meaning that they want the option of going out, even if they don’t party every weekend.

Search for neighborhoods that have several different clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. That will enable you to easily maintain your social life without driving or commuting far.

3. Health Food Hot Spots

Many millennials are health conscious and follow news surrounding sustainability, genetically modified organisms and organic farming. For this reason, this generation looks for grocery stores that carry healthy products. If you want access to low-cost eco-friendly foods, find neighborhoods that have such stores or hold regular farmers markets.

If healthy eating is a huge part of your life, you’ll also want to research organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your neighborhood. If a neighborhood doesn’t have the right eateries, you won’t be going out much.

4. Resale Shops

A majority of millennials have to contend with student loans and starting salaries, making them a fiscally-conscious bunch. They want to make their way in the world without spending too much money—especially if that money can be put to better use. A lot of people cut back spending by shopping for furniture, home goods, and clothing at resale retailers.

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Fortunately, cities have tons of these types of stores, you just have to look for neighborhoods with a storefront or two. You might have to take a trip to the area to look for resale shops, as not all of them have a website or social media account.

5. Plenty of Wi-Fi

Adults in the 20-something range use the Internet for just about everything, and many even telecommute (or work online). While 4G speeds are great for browsing on your phone, a solid Wi-Fi connection at your favorite cafe or the public library is a must. Sometimes, sitting at home and surfing the web isn’t as appealing as working with a nice hot latte.