Setting the mood with candles and music may not be enough if your apartment’s flow is off kilter. The ancient Chinese practice Feng Shui has been known to help bring harmony and balance to your space—so why not love as well?

Owner of Veritate Design firm in New York City, Benjamin Huntington, and certified Feng Shui consultant, Tisha Morris, provide advice on how to create an apartment space that is open to love.

Everything from a cluttered corner to a misplaced couch can have an effect on your space. The purpose of Feng Shui is to improve your well-being which could help end up enhancing your love life.

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“You want the feel, mood and lighting to be just right,” Morris states.”This is even more important when it takes place within your home, because it sets the stage for an eventual nesting for the two of you. Our home shows our personality, our passions and our preferences. Make it a good impression!”

Check out some tips and tricks from the experts on how to invite romance into your apartment:

1. Feng Shui Your Foyer

The entry way gives the first impression anyone has in your apartment. The right side of your apartment is the ideal place for artwork or a small coffee table with an open bowl displaying candles. “When you walk into a space, people instinctively tend to look to the right,” Huntington says.

Huntington adds that the arrangement of the doorway is a “strong indicator of how welcome they feel.” As an added touch, it’s also important to have a side table for your date to place his or her keys or other belongings.

2. The Seating Arrangement

Huntington mentions that your living room set-up can affect whether or not your date feels comfortable in your apartment. Rearrange your furniture so your date can see the doorway at a glance. Also, make sure that when talking to your date that you face them at a 90-degree angle instead of directly or side by side.

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“Body language and facial expressions are important as a read on how we’re doing with other people,” Huntington says.When setting up your bedroom, try to have two nightstands of the same height and weight on both sides of the bed. Morris informs that it “represents the equality (or lack thereof) in the relationship.”

3. Artwork that Invites

When it comes to wall décor such as paintings and photographs, Huntington and Morris agree that it’s important to hang up pictures of people you’re close to in the living room. Keep those pictures of family and friends in your main gathering space and try to avoid hanging in the bedroom.

According to’s recent apartment dating dealbreakers survey, 15% of women prefer seeing those family photos in a date’s apartment! Morris also adds that arranging your pillows and candles in pairs can make an impression on your date’s subconscious.

4. Hues to Set the Mood

Chocolate brown, gorgeous burgundy and peaceful shades of blue or purple are perfect colors for the bedroom. When picking out decor, try to balance the line between serenity and passion for your personal space. To succeed at this unique look, Huntington adds a tip: “Paint the wall at the head of the bed a more saturated color than the walls.” If your apartment lease says you can’t paint, you can achieve this with a headboard.

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5. De-clutter and Open Up

If you’re prone to cluttering up your space, add some spring cleaning to your to-do list for this weekend! Our experts recommend leaving a significant amount of space in bookshelves, closets and even open display cases. Huntington also suggests leaving one drawer in your bedroom empty—making space signals that you are allowing someone else to enter your life.

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