Between showering, doing your hair, applying makeup and using the toilet, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. By changing your habits and hardware, you can go green in no time.

Here are some eco-friendly tips for upgrading your apartment bathroom:

1. Hang The Toilet Paper Over the Roll

The battle of toilet paper roll orientation has finally come to a close, and it’s about time! When you place your toilet paper in the dispenser, the paper should lay over the top of the roll. This actually helps you use less paper than placing the roll the other way. Yes, it’s true and it’s all to do with your sight line.

Sitting on the toilet, you look down at the roll. You can see more sheets from the over position than the under orientation, so you pull less paper. Furthermore, when the paper hangs down from the back, it’s more likely to unravel than when it’s sitting on top. Who wants to use toilet paper that’s been sitting on the floor? Gross! Decrease your paper consumption by orienting your roll the right way.

2. Install an Aerator

Aerators are nifty devices that attach to your faucet and shower head and shoot air into the water stream. You’ll have the same water pressure as before, only you’ll use far less liquid. You’ll basically wash your hands in a water and air cocktail.

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You can purchase the devices and stick them onto your existing fixtures, so they don’t require much installation savvy and you can take them with you when you move out of your apartment. Find them online or in hardware stores and be sure the aerator you choose is the right diameter for your faucet. The best part is that most of these devices are only $15 or less!

3. Choose Organic Cotton

Upgrade your bath and hand towels to products made of 100 percent organic cotton. These towels are super comfy and their fibers weren’t grown using pesticides. Some companies even use natural dyes that don’t contain toxins—bonus!

Your shower curtain can also be made of organic cotton. Plastic curtains are generally made of PVC, a plastic that uses hormone disrupters. You can even clean cotton curtains easily by throwing them in the washing machine.

4. Swap Your Cleaning Products

Go green and create a healthy apartment bathroom by saying no to chemical cleaners. Natural cleaners use safe compounds to rid your surfaces of residue and bacteria.

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Using safe products in your bathroom is super important because this small space doesn’t get much ventilation.

5. Maintain Your Looks Naturally

Your bath soap, shampoo, hair dye and more may contain chemicals that can damage your body. Here’s a good rule: If you can’t pronounce the name of the ingredients in your personal care products, you shouldn’t use them. There are plenty of natural and organic soaps, hair care items and makeup out there that you’re sure to love.

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