Your apartment kitchen isn’t just a space to prepare your meals and enjoy that morning cup of coffee. You can also use it to help the environment! That’s right, you can go green in your kitchen without dramatically changing your lifestyle. Save money and energy in your kitchen with these simple tips:

1. Use Natural Cleaning Products

Go green by using nontoxic and biodegradable household cleaning products. Some cleaners may disinfect your apartment, but they also contribute to air pollution. Many detergents even release chlorine into the dishwasher’s steam, which comes out into your apartment during the cleaning cycle. You can make your own all-purpose cleaning products using natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. Read: Green Homemade Cleaners

2. Invest in a Water Filter Pitcher

Instead of making trips to the store every week to buy plastic water bottles, simply use a water filter pitcher that you can keep refilling. This tool removes contaminants commonly found in tap water, like lead and chloroform, for fresh-tasting H2O.

You’ll end up with more money in your pocket without the weekly expense of bottled water. Plus, eliminating the use of plastic bottles significantly reduces the amount of pollution on our planet. According to Food & Water Watch, 75 percent of plastic water bottles end up as pollution in landfills, lakes and oceans.

3. Be Smart About Your Dishwasher

Don’t run your dishwasher unless it’s all filled up with dirty dishes. You should also run the machine on light, which is the most efficient setting. When the dishes are clean, let them air dry instead of being heated by the dishwasher.

4. Buy in Bulk

What do you find yourself eating on a weekly basis? You may want to consider buying those foods in bulk. This not only saves you trips to the store, it uses less packaging than buying multiple products.

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Keep all of your food fresh by transferring it to individual containers like mason jars—these clear containers are a great way to keep track of everything.

5. Use Reusable Bags

Store a few reusable cloth sacks in your kitchen and take them with you when you go to the grocery store. They’re a much greener alternative to plastic bags; they’re sturdier and you can reuse them! What’s not to like?

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