By FlatRate Moving

Just because you’re moving to your new apartment during the summer doesn’t mean you need to be miserable! It may be hot outside, but there are certain things you can do to stay cool. You can still have a heat stroke even if you’re not out in the sun all day and manual labor–like moving–puts you at great risk!

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Follow these moving tips and your move will feel like a cool summer breeze, even if the mercury climbs to triple digits.

1. Hire a Moving Company

By hiring professional movers when relocating, you are reducing your risk of overheating and over-exerting yourself in the heat. You will still have to take precautions, but your body temperature won’t rise as high from standing in the shade. Leave the lifting of the heavy boxes to the professionals!

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2. Stay Hydrated  

Even if you have movers, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. Stick to water since coffee, soda and alcohol will dehydrate you. You can freeze water bottles the night before you move so you have cold water accessible in the new place or pick up treats like sugar-free popsicles to store in the freezer.

3. Use Fans

Plug a fan in at the apartment you’re moving into right away when you arrive so you can have a burst of cool air every time you walk through the door. Portable fans that you can wear around your neck can keep your body cool as well.

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4. Clothing

When you’re getting dressed on moving day, choose articles of clothing that will wick moisture away from your body. Instead of cotton, “dri-fit” options are a better fit. Avoid anything heavy or overly form-fitting.

5. Freeze Towels

Wet a couple hand towels and pop them in the freezer at both homes. When you place them over your head or on the back of your neck, they’ll provide cool relief.

6. Fruit

Have snacks like frozen grapes or cold fruit on hand instead of chips or pretzels. They’re more refreshing and a healthy, bite-sized option. Salty snacks can dehydrate you.

7. Aloe Vera

Pick up pure aloe vera gel before moving day to apply when you’re starting to get hot. It will cool you down and be extra soothing! It needs to be pure aloe vera gel; not a lotion that simply contains it.

8. Spray Bottle

An easy trick to stay cool during moving day (and all summer long!) is to fill a cheap spray bottle with ice water. You can mist yourself when you feel temperatures rising.

Moving into an apartment during the summer, whether you are renting or buying, can be hard work, especially during the dog days of summer.  Be sure to stay cool!


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