Beauty products are a necessity for many women. They help you enhance your natural features; however, buying the products can put a dent in your wallet. To lessen the load on your budget, here are some ways to save money on drugstore makeup.

1. At-Home Manicures

Manicures and pedicures are expensive, so only indulge in them from time to time. In between your splurges, do your nails at home. Pick up a kit that includes everything you need, such as a nail clipper, pointed wooden sticks, nail files and hand cream. Then purchase your favorite nail polish colors and create your at-home manicure.

2. Monitor Sales

Makeup has sale patterns just like other retail items. Retailers often have huge discounts compared to the regular sale price. Monitor retailers’ clearance cycles and you can save loads of money on your makeup.

3. Make Your Masks

Don’t buy a pricey deep conditioner at the store when you can easily make your own. All you need is a ripe avocado, an egg yolk and a spoonful of olive oil. After mixing the ingredients together, you can add it to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Once the time has elapsed you’ll have healthy and hydrated strands.

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You can also make your own face mask. Fruit is great for your skin because the vitamins and minerals can help clear your complexion while making your face soft. Mix papaya, honey and lemon juice for an antioxidant-fueled mask.

4. Fight Blemishes

If you start to see a blemish appearing on your face, there is a simple way to help keep it at bay. Just smash up some aspirin with a bit of water and rub the paste on the small pimple. Leave it on overnight and the swelling should go down on the blemish.

5. Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, more commonly known by the brand name Vaseline, has various uses. The label says it is perfect for minor cuts, burns and scrapes, but it can do much more.

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Spread a layer of the jelly on your lips as a moisturizing lip balm. Additionally, it can soften your heels and even serve as a makeup remover.

6. Buy Large Palettes

You may not think you have a use for all the eye shadow tones in a large palette, but it can actually help you save money. These kits often have a range of colors and a built-in mirror. Compare the price you pay for all of your normal hues and the cost of the larger palette. You’ll instantly see the savings.

7. Shop During Holidays

During major holidays, retailers will put together makeup kits for easy gifts. Take advantage of these items and buy them for yourself.

8. Get the Most Out of Your Perfume

When your perfume is down to its last few drops, don’t worry—there are a few ways to extend the product. It probably won’t spray anymore, but you can pour those drops in an unscented lotion or your everyday body wash. Then you’ll get to smell your favorite scent for much longer.