We all know that a greener lifestyle can be achieved by eating local, organic foods and cutting down on the time spent in a car, but there are plenty of easy ways to make sure you’re reducing your carbon footprint. With these tips for living green, you may find that you’re saving some dough and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Get Rid of Toxic Products

Did you know that most household cleaners have multiple toxins–including petroleum, phosphates and solvents–that are harmful to our health? Even if cleaning products have an “eco-friendly” sticker on the label, that it may not actually mean anything. Stick to products that have a label specifically noting which toxic ingredients are not in the product. However, you don’t even need to buy cleaning products in the store to stay green; you can easily make your own.

Grow Some Greenery

Never underestimate the power of plants! Adding greenery to your apartment will help to purify your indoor air and increase the amount of oxygen in your home. It will also create a more natural atmosphere in your apartment. You can make household plants do double duty by growing herbs and vegetables in a sunny window or even on an outdoor patio.

Ditch Paper

Using paper towels to clean up every little mess adds up to quite a bit of garbage! You can use wash cloths or even old clothes to clean up spills around the apartment without having to tear off a paper towel every time there are crumbs on the table. These reusable DIY rags will help you save money and trees, and make use of your old clothing items!

Reuse Old Furniture

Instead of buying a brand new sofa from Crate & Barrel, find something that someone else is trying to get rid of. Whether it is a family member, friend or a stranger on Craigslist, you can find a great piece of furniture for your apartment without having to buy something brand new.

Better yet, you can repurpose your own furniture to perfectly match the style and décor of your place. There are plenty of tutorial videos online that will go step-by-step through the upholstery process, or you can grab a can of paint and brighten up an old coffee table, bookcase or shelving unit. To stay ultra green, stick with natural and toxin-free paints and fabric.

Turn it Off

Use power strips as much as you can around the home so you’re able to flip a switch to turn off power completely. Even turning off appliances and electronics doesn’t keep them from using up a bit of energy, and you probably won’t want to unplug everything every day. Make sure to always turn off computers, cable boxes and gaming consoles right after you’re finished using them.