Being comfortable in your environment will make you a happier, healthier person. As one of the primary locations in your life, your home should support this sense of belonging. Infusing your personality into your apartment decorating will promote a joyful lifestyle.

Colors and You

One bracket of color theory is attributing seasons to personalities. Theoretically, the season that you were born into influences the hues you are drawn to and feel good in. The same sense can be imbued in your apartment decor. Choose colors that make you happy and you will be rewarded.

A good way to experiment is by taking a look at your wardrobe. Which colors do you most often repeat? Which do you enjoy wearing? And which bring you the most compliments? The answers are indicative of your personal style. This same exercise can be applied to patterns.

Look Book

If you aren’t sure what your design style looks like, pull together some inspiration. Find photos of home designs that you love. A retro sofa may be your favorite piece, or a rustic dresser could catch your eye. The features that draw your attention will speak volumes about your decorating personality. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

What You Have

Go through the trinkets, furniture and other decor pieces you have. What made you buy or keep them? Is it something about the design? You may find you like mid-century items, country decor or have a more modern sensibility. Once you have an inventory of the things you have, fit them together with the looks you loved from magazines and Pinterest. Add your color choices to that and you will find your style where these things intersect.

Style Examples

Still unsure the direction you want to go? Here are a few design concepts that may help you figure out where you fit:

Contemporary: Contemporary design is characterized by clean lines, solid colors, a mix of neutrals and accents and geometric features. There is also a focus placed on basic shapes and forms. Contemporary style is clean, organized and simple.

Coastal: Coastal decoration takes a cue from seaside cottages to create a rustic, winsome atmosphere. Think of the ocean. You’ll see breezy fabrics, nautical patterns and decorations. Blues and whites are heavily used. Ralph Lauren is a good reference for coastal style.

Country: Country looks live on rustic decor, floral patterns and light woods. Checked or striped patterns are common as well. Most ornamental pieces evoke a homemade feel with items like tea sets, baskets and rough metals.

French: This highly ornate sensibility incorporates rich, full hues such as golds and burgundies. Fabrics are repeated through a room or rooms. Furniture is often heirloom or antique.

Uniquely You

There are many more design movements, but between those few examples, you may be getting a sense of where you fall. Once you pick a style you believe suits you, you don’t have to be completely faithful. Design concepts are guidelines. Take what you’ve discovered from color and pattern exercises and look books and compile it into something only you could imagine. Bring in items you love or are attached to. That alone says volumes about who you are. Look for pieces that tell a story.