Every girly-girl’s fantasy is to have Cher Horowitz’s digital closet in Clueless that put together the perfect outfit each morning and rotated for easy access–but realistically, many of us struggle to squeeze half of our clothing into a tiny hole in the wall.

If you’re dreaming of a massive closet and you have a spare room in your apartment, here’s how to create a dressing room others will envy:

1. Clean Your Space

First things first: If you want a dressing room that’s pleasant to use and easy to navigate, the clutter and dust bunnies must go. Your first priority will be to organize the contents of your room.

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Separate clothes you almost never wear from clothes you wear on a regular basis. Clothes that you still use, but are only worn seasonally, should go in another pile. Donate the items you’re almost sure you’ll never wear again, and pack away the items you only wear during certain times of the year. Place these seasonal clothes in a well-labeled box and set aside.

You’ll also want to give your room a good cleaning. Run a dust cloth over all the bars, shelves and drawers within the space. Sweep the floor of the closet and spritz some air freshener.

2. Measure the Room

If you’re planning on putting seasonal clothing into boxes labeled “summer,” “fall,” “spring,” and “winter” (as we recommend), you’ll need somewhere to put these parcels. Measure the room and purchase appropriately sized boxes.

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You’ll also want to plan for any other amenities you’ll be adding to your dressing room. Want a gorgeous rug for your space? You’re going to have to know the room’s dimensions. Need a changing station complete with a full-length mirror? You will need to plan out where you’ll put it.

3. Design Your Floor Plan

After you’ve measured out your room, you can get to work implementing those dimensions. Plan for a prep space, dressing area, vanity or makeup table, shoe caddy and seating area (if you want one).

4. Accessorize Your Dressing Room

It’s finally time to add finishing touches to the space! A few cute floor lamps can go a long way to illuminate your room and give your space a distinctive style. A colorful rug will also lend to your personal aesthetic. Scented candles, framed wall art and decorative knick knacks should also be incorporated. The number one rule? Turn your room into a closet you’d want to get dressed in!


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