We live in an age where you can have internet access anywhere you go, making it super simple to work from home. But living in a small one-bedroom or studio without an apartment home office can make getting work done a bit difficult. Luckily, you can add a workspace into even the smallest apartment without putting a desk smack dab in the middle of your living room.

Dual Usage

If you have a laptop in your apartment home office, creating a dual-usage space is fairly simple. Sofa tables are great solutions for small spaces because they tend to be very skinny and can sit right behind your sofa. When you’re ready to work, pull up a chair, plop your laptop on the table and you’re set! If you’d rather get work done in your bedroom, invest in a small, minimalistic desk that can double as a nightstand next to your bed. Plus, you can literally roll out of bed to go to work!

Secretive Space

Armoires or hutches can be turned into workspaces that you can easily close off to guests. These pieces of furniture also tend to take advantage of vertical space rather than horizontal space. On the inside of the doors, you can attach cork boards or baskets and add shelves to store all of your supplies.

Shelf Unit

Simple is better, right? You can use a large enough shelf or wooden panel to hang securely on the wall to use as a desk. If you’re worried about the weight, you can get very inexpensive table legs from IKEA to help distribute it properly. While you won’t be able to hide your workspace if you have guests coming over, this solution will cover very little square-footage of your already tiny apartment. This is a perfect option for apartments with small nooks or spaces that are somewhat tucked away. If you go with this option, check out our post about organizing and hiding cords.

Closet Space

If you’re living in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you have to start getting a little crafty with the square feet you have. You can place a small desk inside a closet space so that you can pull up a chair when it’s necessary and close the door when you want to hide it. If you have room for your clothes elsewhere, consider installing shelves above the desk to give you more room for storage.

Corner Desk

Why not have your apartment home office tucked away in the corner of a room? Utilize a small desk that is best suited for a nook and get shelves to stack on top of the desk to give you space for all your necessary work items.

Privacy Screen

If you need to have your desk in a shared living room, utilize a privacy screen or room divider to create a home office atmosphere. Although you may not have a lot of room to work with, this will keep your work separate from your personal space.

Once you have your apartment home office set up, it’s time for the fun part: decorating!