You may not have the budget to move into a brand new place with a modern apartment design, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with old, dingy style. An apartment makeover with clean lines and simple décor can turn your shabby space into a bright and welcoming home.

Pick a Color Palate

Modern apartment design often includes two or three bold colors along with crisp, clean décor like clear glass vases and metallic figurines. If you’re going for a bright look, choose hues like candy apple green, deep turquoise and satin-finished gray. This combination is vibrant and ultra elegant. No one will even notice your outdated kitchen with a palate like this! If you’re not into the bold look, there are plenty of other options.

Embrace Drapery

Long, flowing drapes always give a room a contemporary feel, and they can be used more than you think. Is your bathroom super vintage? Instead of installing a traditional shower curtain, use long drapes and hang the curtain rod all the way up to the ceiling. You may think this will make the room feel smaller, but it actually helps to create a dramatic look while extending the appearance of the vertical space in your bathroom.

Same goes for your living room. You can install layered drapery or simply use it to cover a wall. Purchase one or two large curtain rods and hang them just a couple inches from the ceiling. Creating this wall accent will look incredibly elegant and cover up any dingy wall markings.


Chevron patterns are very trendy at the moment and they are super easy to make! With a few canvases, some painters tape and paint, you can create a DIY chevron art piece in just a few steps. You’ll want to carefully tape the canvas in a zigzag pattern–whatever thickness you prefer–and then paint over the entire surface. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape to find a beautiful chevron pattern.

Closed Storage

Vintage apartments usually lack adequate storage space for all your kitchen necessities, but you can buy inexpensive storage units for your kitchen from places like IKEA or Target that are simple and have a modern aesthetic. Utilizing storage cabinets with doors will keep that clean look that comes with popular modern design trends.