Recent interest in visiting the United Arab Emirates may have been spurred by the luxury girls’ getaway to Abu Dhabi in the recent blockbuster Sex and the City 2, but there’s a new reason to check out this part of the world: the rental market in Abu Dhabi is one-of-a-kind.

Rental rates in Abu Dhabi, the capital city in the UAE, are soaring high as the market remains strong. After all, who wouldn’t want to live on an island with striking views of the Persian Gulf? Abu Dhabi is also a city with much aesthetic appeal. As one of the largest cities, it has an eclectic mix of architectural style, including many modern buildings inspired by the city’s Arab heritage. If none of the above reasons have convinced you of this lovely city yet, a year of beautiful weather and cloudless blue skies isn’t too bad either!

However, the UAE has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world and can be very expensive. Many landlords often require tenants to pay for the full year of rent upfront. If the renter is unable to make one all-inclusive payment, landlords may allow payment in two to four installments instead. At the end of the year, landlords are allowed to increase the cost of rent, but by no more than 20 percent.

If warmth, beauty and living in the lap of luxury are on your apartment rental wishlist, then look into Abu Dhabi. Even though the ladies of Sex and the City are back in Manhattan, it’s not too late to have your whirlwind adventure overseas!