With the cosmopolitan appeal of a vibrant European capital at about a third of the cost of living in Paris or London, Berlin is a hip solution for city living in Europe. From modern German high-rises to elegant neoclassical buildings and experimental living communities, Berlin has a niche for everyone – so if you’re looking for bohemian living with an intellectual edge, Berlin could be the metropolis for you!

 A more affordable alternative to Munich and Frankfurt in Western Germany, Berlin is a frequent jumping-off point for visiting other European countries. It is for this reason that Berlin is considered to be the perfect home for expatriates looking to travel. The city offers a mix of cultural options in accordance with its varied history, imparting the best of the old and new world.

 Berlin boasts a large rental market, offering renters choices from funky East German conclaves to tree-lined West Berlin boroughs. For visitors looking to stay only a few months, there is an abundance of short-term rentals available – which coincidentally may also be a viable solution for newcomers searching for the perfect place to live. Known for cheap rent and a low cost of living, accommodations in Berlin often range from €300 to €1000. Expats in Berlin can easily find an unfurnished three bedroom flat for about €565, and utilities for two to three people cost on average €200 per month.

 Accommodations in Berlin tend to be spacious, considering the price as compared to other European cities – a Berliner generally has over 40 square meters of living space. However, American renters in Berlin might be surprised to find that most traditional German apartments come without appliances or cabinets, and should be prepared to purchase these furnishings upon moving in!

Berlin also provides civic services that are familiar to any other Western European metropolis – efficient public transportation, high-quality healthcare, and first-rate education. Berlin’s low cost of living has allowed for a thriving cultural center for art, music, and film, as well as a tradition of creativity, open-mindedness and intellect. If you are in search of a cosmopolitan European experience on a budget, becoming a Berliner might be the answer!