Both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern at once, the cosmopolitan coastal city of Tel Aviv in Israel boasts a truly global experience for living, working and learning. Tel Aviv is the second largest metropolis in Israel, and one of the world’s most important cities. At the center of academia, culture, and economics in Israel, Tel Aviv is the ideal city for experiencing diversity, world-class cultural institutions, and a vibrant intellectual scene.

Renting in Tel Aviv, Israel can be more expensive than in other Israeli cities, given its status as the commercial and cultural capital of the country. The average rent in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is 3,403 NIS (New Israeli Shekel). The city is very developed and the supply of new housing is slim, so apartments are rented quickly. Therefore, it is important to do your research and visit the areas where you would like to live in advance, as well as talk to locals. Most renters in Tel Aviv look for flats listed on websites and in the newspaper. Typically, Hebrew newspapers will offer more advertisements for flats than English newspapers, and flats are listed most often on Tuesdays and Fridays. Another option is to go through a real estate agent, though they will typically charge you a fee equal to one month’s rent.

In Tel Aviv, flat size is measured as Bruto, which includes the total size including porches, cupboard space, walls, elevator space, etc., or Netto, which means the living space available to a tenant. If possible, it is wise to ask the previous tenant how much Amona (municipal tax) they paid, as well as average costs of utilities and Vaad Bayit (building maintenance). Israeli households rely solely on electricity, which is provided by the state-owned Israel Electric Corporation. However, many buildings in Israel also utilize solar water heaters. Water is a scarce resource in Israel, so it is important to remember to conserve and be mindful of higher household water charges.

Another option for new immigrants to Israel is The Absorption Centre, which is a unique Israeli housing arrangement which offers temporary living quarters for new immigrants to start the absorption process. This may be a temporary solution while searching for a new flat.

From exploring the city’s vibrant markets, beautiful beaches, and important museums to engaging with a vastly diverse population, living in Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan experience unlike any other global city.

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