If you’re living paycheck to paycheck or pinching pennies to get by, you may be asking yourself: Are smartphones worth it? Nearly 50 percent of the population has a smartphone and users spend an average of 132 minutes browsing the Internet, checking social media and chatting with friends on their device. But if you can live without having your phone glued to your hand, you may just be able to get rid of this outrageous expense and save some dough. Here are some of the reasons you may want to ditch your smartphone:


First and foremost, smartphones are a pricey commodity. Many people pay upward of $100 a month to play games, go on Facebook and snap pictures of their meals–and by 2017, it is expected that the average smartphone bill will increase by $40. Are smartphones worth it? That really depends on your use for them. People who are trying to acquire jobs in the tech or media sectors can benefit from having a smartphone because they are constantly connected. But if you aren’t using your phone for these purposes, you may want to rethink the necessity of owning this costly device. If you use it to call, text and take photos, chances are you can live without the quick access to Twitter.

Social Impact

If you take public transportation to work, you have probably noticed a large majority of riders with their noses in their smartphones browsing and connecting. Do you drive to work? It doesn’t take too long to find someone doing the same thing while driving. Even if you’re going out to dinner, chances are you will see someone busily texting away on their phone. Smartphones have taken over our lives, and they have created a culture of constant boredom with real life. Sure, smartphones allow us to connect with friends and family members who live far away, but they also disconnect us from the non-virtual world.

Constant Connection

Being constantly connected can be exhausting. Millennials, or the “always-on” generation, often have their phones by their side at all times. In fact, 79 percent of smartphone users are only away from their phones for two hours of their waking day, and 63 percent are only away from them for one hour. Are you obsessed with being connected? If not, it might be easy for you to get rid of your smartphone bill.

Try it Out

If you’re nervous about taking the plunge to get rid of your smartphone, you can do a trial run. There’s a good chance that you have an old cellphone that you can use for a couple weeks when you’re deciding whether or not smartphones are worth the money. If not, try to use your phone only to call and text others. After a short stint without your phone, you’ll be able to gauge whether or not the money is worth it.

So, what do you think: Are smartphones worth it?