Small Tool Kit: What Do I Need?

small tool kit needs

The maintenance crew will fix any issues with the apartment itself, but there are many things you’ll want or need to do on your own. Having a small tool kit put together will come in very ...

How Does Mail Forwarding Work?

mail forwarding

Your moving checklist includes a number of important items which you do directly. Packing, moving and unpacking. But, when it comes to mail forwarding you take action, then mail starts coming to ...

How to Save Money on Groceries

saving money on groceries

Before you wander into a grocery store – a potential budget-busting experience – have a game plan and take advantage of all the ways you can save. Cutting your grocery bill weekly really adds ...

10 Great Pool Workouts

pool workouts

Dread bringing your workout indoors when summer sun makes outdoor exercises a swelter-fest? No need! Easy swimming pool workouts can tone that hot body and keep it cool at the same time!

Laundry Service Pros & Cons

laundry service

Have you ever thought about using a laundry service? Maybe you don’t have the good fortune of having a washer or dryer in your apartment, or perhaps you just don’t have time to do your own ...