Step aside Super Bowl, the entertainment industry’s biggest month of the year is here! Get out your 2017 printable ballots; it’s time for the People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globes and SAG Awards. Even if most of us don’t see more than two or three of the nominated flicks and have never heard of any of the foreign or short films, the event is still an exciting display of great acting, glittery dresses, and inevitably, Meryl Streep’s magnificence.

2017 Golden Globes Printable Ballot

2017 People’s Choice Award Printable Ballot

2017 SAG Printable Ballot

Like the Super Bowl, the Oscars are so much more fun when you watch them with others, so why not throw an A-list Academy Award party? To give you a brainstorming boost, take a look at these fabulous Oscar party ideas:

Pick a Theme

Get down to party planning by choosing an exciting theme for the night. Red-carpet-themed parties are a classic for a reason– who wouldn’t want to get glammed up to watch the most elegant televised event of the year? But there are also plenty of other options.

Tell everyone to dress as a character from whichever movie they think is going to win, or style everything from your attire to your food and decor after one of the top nominated films of the year. Or, go a bit unconventional and make it a comfortable pajama party (onesies are optional). Make sure you come up with a fabulous party playlist to match your fabulous event.

Send Invites

The glamorous occasion calls for more than just a Facebook invitation. Make your own paper invites and either send them off or hand them out in the weeks beforehand! Make the invitations with elegant scrapbook paper or cardstock, and address the envelopes formally for added effect.

One fun invitation idea? Make golden movie tickets with all of the information printed on each one! Don’t forget to include your address, the theme of the party and anything your guests should bring.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Deck out your apartment in fun decor that fits whatever theme you choose. Check out the dollar store for cheap decorations that you won’t miss if a guest accidentally spills a drink on them. For a red carpet party, pick up a pretty purple or red tablecloths and plenty of glitter and confetti for your table, and make sure to deck your place out with chic gold decor.

Use gold balloons, paper plates, and anything else you can find to make your apartment as elegant as possible. You can even set up a red carpet area where guests can get their picture taken as soon as they come in. If you don’t have a red carpet, just fake it with some blankets or towels lining the floor.

Serve Finger Foods

One of the best parts of having an Academy Award party is serving your guests elegant hor d’ouerves. Make bruschetta, mini quiches and other bite-sized goodies, or have everyone bring their own for an Academy Award potluck.

You can even turn it into a contest and have guests bring in a movie-themed dish, then have everyone vote on the best one. Serve elegant macarons, chocolates, and movie theater candy for dessert.

And because the night is all about movies, make sure you have plenty of popcorn. Set up a popcorn bar with plain kernels and toppings like butter, caramel, candies, spices and anything else your guests may want to add. See who can come up with the tastiest sweet or savory concoction!

Make Signature Drinks

Come up with a couple of signature drinks (including some nonalcoholic options) your guests can choose between– and make sure everything is served in elegant stemware, like flutes or martini glasses. Make your drinks Oscars-themed by naming them after your favorite characters or films of the year.

And be sure to have a couple bottles of Champagne or prosecco on hand for the guests who want something simple and elegant.

Take a Vote with Printable Award Show Ballots

Of all the Oscar party ideas you compile, the one you should definitely incorporate into your soiree is having ballots that your guests can fill out. We have created some official printable ballots for the year. Print and hand them out as people enter the apartment. Have everyone make their guesses and drop their ballots into your ballot box (use a decorated basket or shoe box).

2017 Golden Globes Printable Ballot

2017 People’s Choice Award Printable Ballot

2017 SAG Printable Ballot

Before the show, have each person choose a ballot from the box to “grade,” and make sure everyone gets one that isn’t their own. After the final award of the night, find the top three guessers and have them give their own speeches– you can even give them a small award of your choice, like a $5 gift card or small dollar-store trophy.

Give Favors

Unlike at the Oscars, everyone at your party is a winner, so send everyone home with a favor to commemorate the evening. Make cookies in the shape of the Oscars statuette or fill several plastic baggies with candies. Fold pretty paper over the top of the bags and staple them closed, so the candy stays in the bags for the ride home.