When summer gets sticky and the temperature goes up, there’s nothing better than coming home to a nice, cool apartment. But what if your apartment doesn’t come with air conditioning? Or if the thought of a huge post-air conditioning electric bill has you sweating in fear? Beating the heat in your apartment isn’t impossible, particularly if you use the following tricks:

Get to Know Your Grill
The thought of a nice dinner after you get home may be tempting, but turning on that oven can actually heat up your house. Instead of firing up the stove, think about grilling outside more often. Additionally, you can invest in a slow cooker which can keep things cool in the kitchen, or aim to eat more salads and cold items.

Chill Out
Rather than tackling the temperature in your apartment first, why not start with yourself? Drinking plenty of icy drinks and wearing lightweight clothing can make a huge difference. Also, try taking a cool bath for a dose of refreshing chill out time.

Get Those Windows & Doors Open…
During the summer swelter, the temperatures tend to be cooler at night. By opening up your windows and keeping your inside doors open, you can coax a cool breeze through your apartment. Use fans by your windows for maximum circulation.

…But Keep Your Blinds Closed During the Day
Did you know that limiting the amount of sunlight coming into your house can help keep your house cool? Sunlight carries a large amount of heat, and blocking it out can mean estimated savings of 10-15% on your cooling costs.

Get The Most from Your Ceiling Fan
Have a ceiling fan? Lucky you! Try setting your ceiling fan for the seasons. Setting it for a higher speed and counter-clockwise rotation produces a cool breeze that will keep you feeling comfy.

Run Those Exhaust Fans
Those fans in your bathroom and kitchen aren’t just there for decoration. By keeping these running, you can suck the hot air out of your apartment, encouraging cooler air to circulate. This is especially true after cooking or a hot shower.

Try DIY Air Conditioning
It may sound ridiculous, but it works. Fill a large bowl with ice or ice packs and put it directly in front of a fan. When the fan blows across the ice, it produces an air conditioner-like chill that’s sure to cool you down.

Have we covered all the best tips for staying cool? What are some of your favorites?