Although it’s hard to accept it, sometimes when we travel, we have to leave our pets behind. If it’s just a short while, your dog or cat may be okay in your Atlanta apartment. If you’re away for days, however, you’ll need a pet boarding service or someone to keep an eye out for you.

There are many Atlanta pet boarding options, and many of them are reputable and recommendable–a few, however, have risen to the top of the heap in terms of customer satisfaction. knows how important your pet is to you, and so we’ve collected this list of the best pet boarding in Atlanta.


Wag-A-Lot pays attention to the doggie details and that’s why people love them. If you board your pooch here, he or she will get a full day of daycare—running around under supervision—and then their own secure den for eating and sleeping and downtime. Wag-A-Lot pays attention to important details like lighting, temperature control, fresh air, and comfort. Your dog sleeps in his or her own bed, eats his or her own food, and doesn’t spend all day in a miserable cage. They’ve also got a separate area for smaller dogs. You need to bring your dog in for a temperament test first ($30) but after that, it’s at most $35 a day and often less.

Atlanta Dog Spa

At Atlanta Dog Spa, your dogs get some vacation while you’re away. They will spend their days chilling on the couch—dog heaven—or romping around in the yard. At night, there are no cages, just separate rooms. If that’s not cozy enough for your pet, you can pay extra to have your dog get the couch. You can also check on your pup throughout the day using Atlanta Dog Spa’s system of live doggie cams! The regular boarding rate here is $35 for a dog of up to 40 pounds and a bit more for larger dogs.

K-9 Coach Bed & Bark

If you want your dog to learn a thing or two while you’re away, consider K-9 Coach Bed & Bark. Another highly rated boarding service, this place offers overnight dog lodging that includes supervised daytime play, anti-microbial bedding, and private cabanas. For a few bucks more you can pamper your pup by adding frozen treats, rubdowns, and a discount on grooming services. All dogs who stay at K-9 get complimentary training on how to avoid barking, jumping, and pushing through doors. Standard boarding is $32 a night for small dogs.


What about cats, you ask? While many cat owners will be okay having a friend swing by once a day or so to check in on kitty, others will need or want a boarding service.

Camp Kitty

This is Atlanta’s premier cats-only boarding facility. That’s right, no dogs allowed! They’ve got an activity room so cats get a chance to move around (cats from different homes stay separated) and spacious enclosures that let animals jump and stretch. Your cat will get fresh water and his or her litter box changed at least twice a day, plus affection from the attentive staff. Boarding is just $18 a night.