If there’s one thing you can say about Beantown, it’s that it loves sports. (Boston is #5 on our list of the Best Cities for Sports Fans.) Whether you’re a fan of football, baseball, basketball or hockey, there are Boston sports teams that will have you so emotionally invested in their success that it takes you a week to recover from a loss. While it can be pretty expensive to buy a ticket to a game, there are tons of Boston sports bars where you can gather with your fellow fans and ride the emotional rollercoaster of the games together. Instead of watching games at home, step out of your Boston apartment and head to one of these sports bars:

The Fours

The Fours is unequivocally the best sports bar in Boston–nay, the country. In fact, it’s been named the #1 sports bar in America by Sports Illustrated. The place is frequented by sports writers and famous Boston athletes like Larry Bird. It has 42 plasma TVs and shows MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA games. The Four’s also has an impressive collection of sports memorabilia and some pretty tasty steak tips.

Jerry Remy’s

If you’re a Red Sox’s fan, you have to watch at least one game at Jerry Remy’s–it’s owned by the famous broadcaster and former major league second baseman. Patrons of this fine establishment often break out into spontaneous cheers of “Yankees suck” as they watch the game on one of the bar’s massive TVs (it has two 6.5-by-11-foot big screens). Grab a seat indoors or on the outdoor patio and order a RemDawg sandwich and a local brew.

Sullivan’s Tap

If hockey’s your game, Sullivan’s Tap is the perfect place to watch the Bruins play. It’s definitely a dive bar, but would you really want to watch the Bruins with anyone but true hockey fans? The beer is cheap and it’s always packed. Sullivan’s Tap is a classic Boston sports bar filled with classic Boston sports fans. Just make sure you bring some cash–Sullivan’s doesn’t accept credit cards.

Game On!

Game On! is a great Boston sports bar because it’s such a versatile space. With 70 TVs, chances are you can catch pretty much any game you want. The second floor also features a more upscale restaurant, while downstairs takes on the form of a traditional sports bar. Because it’s located in Fenway Park, you’ll also get to mingle with your fellow Red Sox fans.

Bleacher Bar

Speaking of the Red Sox, there is perhaps no sports bar more iconic than Bleacher Bar. Tucked right underneath Fenway’s center field bleachers (who would have guessed?) this Boston sports bar gives you a glimpse inside the stadium. As for the menu, make sure you try the fried pickles and pastrami sliders.