Along with streaming television, mobile access to the Internet and video chat, being able to work from home is one of the simple pleasures of living in this great technological age. Many employers make sure that this option is available to their employees wherever and whenever they can, and the city of Dallas is no different. If you are a telecommuter looking for a Dallas apartment to call your own, check out these great Dallas neighborhoods.

North Oak Cliff

The North Oak Cliff neighborhood is a great place for young professionals interested in a lot of food, culture and entertainment. It boasts small but customer-friendly boutique shops that cater to the latest fashion trends and niche subcultures. For telecommuters, it’s important to find a coffee shop that has free wi-fi access. Espumoso Caffe on Bishop Avenue is a casual cafe that allows telecommuters to enjoy a great cup of coffee, empanadas and a health-conscious menu while they work on their computers.


Young people and empty-nesters are flocking to this picturesque neighborhood located north of Downtown Dallas and west of the North Central Expressway. People who are looking to rent will find that Uptown is a fashionable neighborhood that is full of walkways, boutiques, restaurants and cafes. It is home to West Village, a place that offers residents a relaxing environment where they can walk their dog, shop for some well-known brands and people-watch all under one roof. West Village also has many coffee shops that cater to the telecommuting worker. Dunn Bros Coffee on Belt Line Road is a cafe chain along the lines of Starbucks, but with a little more style. Patrons can work remotely while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of iced coffee and decadent deli sandwiches. Be sure to get there early, as seats tend to fill up quickly.

Oak Lawn

More and more professionals are moving into the neighborhood of Oak Lawn, and with good reason. This location is a growing hotspot with plenty of high-rise apartments and a thriving and diverse cultural landscape. Stop in any one of  Oak Lawn’s coffee shops and enjoy quality, freshly ground coffee and free Internet access. Zaguan Bakery and Cafe features an intimate setting where telecommuters can take their work. The cafe also has an extensive menu of Latin American pastries and well-known Tex-Mex dishes that can recharge the batteries of any employee.


The leafy Dallas neighborhood of M-Street is a trendy location for young families and single professionals who don’t want to live too far from Dallas and would like a place close to White Rock Lake. History enthusiasts will enjoy plenty of residential architecture here that dates back to the 1920s. On the eastern border of M-Street is local hotspot Greenville Avenue. Check out Pearl Cup Coffee on Henderson Ave when you feel the need to work outside your home office. The cafe offers plenty of outdoor seating with a trendy selection of music playing in the background. Its freshly brewed, specialty coffees will get telecommuters ready to take on the day.


Downtown Dallas displays a beautiful skyline and an atmosphere of a vibrant city. Nightclubs, four-star restaurants and dive bars with live music color every part of the neighborhood. However, before telecommuters can enjoy a weekend night out in the town, they’ll want to stop by Weekend Coffee to finish up their work. The minimalist, hipster cafe features a friendly staff and plenty of seating along with some of the tastiest, caffeine-boosters in the downtown area.