Although it may not seem like the most obvious choice, young adults are flocking to Dallas to begin their careers. As the third-largest city in Texas, this metropolis has plenty to offer–from world-class barbecue to big hair and an even bigger football team (that’s the Dallas Cowboys, for all of you non-sports fans out there). Finding an apartment in a Dallas neighborhood that’s filled with young adults is a breeze. You just need to know where to look–and that’s where we come in. Here are some of the best Dallas neighborhoods for young adults:


Perhaps one of the most popular places for young adults to rent a Dallas apartment, Uptown is located on the edge of the North Central Expressway just north of Downtown, making the commute to work a breeze. Uptown is one of Dallas’ most energetic areas, and is teeming with numerous nightlife and dining options. The neighborhood is extremely walkable, and residents often spend their weekends frequenting local cafes and browsing boutiques. Spend time on Katy Trail, a pedestrian and bike path that links Reverchon and Lee parks, or admire the historical architecture in Uptown–it’s one of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods. Whenever you don’t feel like walking, catch a free trolley ride courtesy of the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority.

Las Colinas

Located on the northwest side of Dallas in Irving, Las Colinas is favored by many young adults who want to live in a neighborhood that’s more affordable. Like Uptown, Las Colinas is extremely walkable, and residents often stroll or bike along Campion Trail. The neighborhood has easy access to several major highways, including the John W. Carpenter Freeway, which takes residents directly into Downtown Dallas. Young adults who enjoy art can admire the iconic Mustangs of Las Colinas, while the botanically inclined will appreciate the Las Colinas Flower Clock. Las Colinas is considered to be one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the Dallas metro area, which is why many young adults choose to live and work here.

M Streets

Best known as the location of nightlife mecca Greenville Avenue, M Streets is a popular Dallas neighborhood among young adults. Aside from the Lower Greenville Avenue area, M Streets is quite residential–tree-lined streets are quite common in this part of Dallas. However, young adults who want to take part in the Dallas bar scene or catch a concert won’t have to go far. Up and down Greenville Avenue (which is located on M Streets’ eastern border), you’ll find numerous restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as plenty of shopping.


As the site of Southern Methodist University, Knox-Henderson it a great place for young adults to live. The neighborhood attracts an eclectic mix of people – everyone from college students to established professionals. Although it’s one of the smaller Dallas neighborhoods, Knox-Henderson is a destination thanks to its lively nightlife. The commute to Downtown from the area is relatively simple, as residents don’t even have to hop on the freeway. Young fashionistas will also love Knox-Henderson, as it is known for its shopping.