Getting a pet for your children is a great way to teach them responsibility, but not all animals are good with kids. Be sure your apartment stays a happy place by choosing the right family dog. Here are some of the best dog breeds for kids:

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Best Dog Breeds for Kids: Beagle

Not only are beagles incredibly cute, they’re also great for families with children. They have a strong build and are small to medium sized. Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs, so they are smart and active. Young kids will have fun playing with a beagle, and that pet will enjoy the social time as well. In fact, your children could get tired before the family dog! The only downside to owning a beagle is that they require a lot of brushing and bathing, and they shed.

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Best Dog Breeds for Kids: Bulldogs

Bulldogs are another great kid-friendly pet option. Like beagles, they have a sturdy build, so a little roughhousing with your kids won’t hurt them. Bulldogs are calm and friendly, and can live in anything from a huge house to a small apartment. They aren’t the most rambunctious of pets, which may be good for you even if the kids want a more energetic animal.

Best Dog Breeds for Kids: Labrador Retriever

These animals are one of the most popular dog breeds, and it’s no surprise. Labrador retrievers are loyal, protective, energetic, happy and playful. These animals are one of the best dog breeds for kids because their even temperament. Labrador retrievers are medium sized, so they need a bit more space than other animals. However, you can still get one for your apartment as long as you give it plenty of time outside.

Best Dog Breeds for Kids: Collie

Collies are gentle and take well to training. They very rarely bite, which is good for an apartment with children. Collies were originally bred as herding dogs, so they may attempt to round up your kids. You dissuade this innate quality while training, or use your family pet as parenting back-up. Collies’ long hair requires a decent amount of maintenance, and they shed–but these intelligent dogs make great companions and could be the perfect choice for your family.

Best Dog Breeds for Kids: Pugs

Pugs are among the best dog breeds for kids and are a perfect apartment pet. Their small size means they don’t need to live in a huge house and their even temperament is great for children. As far as maintenance goes, pugs do shed and their smushed faces can also cause respiratory issues, so keep them out of extreme weather.