Charlotte, North Carolina boasts a large number of community dog parks that are perfect for an outdoor jaunt with your pup. Even the most dog-friendly apartment can’t replace the benefits of getting regular outdoor exercise. Here are some picks for the best dog parks in the Charlotte area:

Barkingham Park at Reedy Creek Park

Reedy Creek Park sprawls out over 146 acres to the northwest of downtown Charlotte. A massive green area with plenty of space for not only canines, but humans as well, the park includes over 10 miles of hiking trails and three ponds that you and your pup can spend the day exploring.

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Then, head over to the cleverly titled Barkingham Park for some off-the-leash fun. Let your pooch run wild and meet new four-legged friends before returning to the apartment for a well-deserved nap.

William Davies Park

Those renting with pets on the south side of town can hop on over to William Davies Park. This is an especially good option for those with smaller dogs that want to keep them separate from larger breeds.

The dog park is divided into two sections: one for pups under 20 pounds. and one for those that weigh more. This helps dogs socialize with animals that are their own size, allowing their owners to rest easy.

Fetching Meadow at McAlpine Creek Park

Like many of the dog parks on this list, McAlpine Creek Park is perfect for both dogs and their human owners. Right off Route 74, McAlpine Creek Park is popular among fishing enthusiasts thanks to the large lake at its center. As one of the first green spaces to be developed as a community park for the city of Charlotte, it has both recreational and historic value.

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Widely regarded as one of the city’s most beautiful parks, McAlpine Creek is interspersed with large shade-giving trees and wide open spaces. Fetching Meadow provides a great place for some off-the-leash fun. The fenced-in 1-acre spot provides plenty of room to get in a nice game of fetch.

Midwood Park

Hidden away in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood lies a park that is perfect for those living closer to downtown. The convenient location is perfect for dog owners who don’t want to go through the hassle of packing up the car and driving out to one of the larger public parks that surround the city.

Midwood Park packs a lot of punch into its 6 acres, with an amphitheater, community garden and walking trail that are perfect for a day of outdoor exploring. When all the activity gets to be too much, sit down in the shade on one of the park’s many benches to rest up before starting off again.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, is a great city for dog lovers thanks to the large number of dog-friendly parks in the area. One of the best things about the dog parks in Charlotte is the fact that many of them are built with both humans and dogs in mind, meaning both you and your pooch are sure to enjoy your day together out in the sun. Be sure to take advantage of that warm North Carolina weather at one of these many great destinations!