Adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle in your apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up modern conveniences (let’s be honest, living without electricity doesn’t sound all that appealing). In fact, technology in the form of mobile apps may be just what you need to guide you as you adjust to green living.

So the next time you can manage to tear your eyes away from Candy Crush, check out these handy mobile apps that can help you go green:


If you’ve done some research about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, then you’ve no doubt come across the phrase “carbon footprint.” Of course, knowing what it is and measuring it are two different things entirely. GreenCalc allows you to track and calculate your carbon emissions both at home and while you travel. Use it to help your make greener decisions.

Green Genie

Who hasn’t dreamed of having their own personal genie at one time or another? While the Green Genie can’t grant your every wish, the mobile app can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

[A Greener Lifestyle with Minimal Effort]

It lists suggestions for numerous simple projects you can take on to help you go green (and tells you how much money each project will save you).

Green Gas Saver

If you drive a car on a regular basis, you already know how expensive gas can be. Using less gas not only helps the environment, but helps your bank account too!

[Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas]

The Green Gas Saver mobile app monitors your fuel efficiency while you drive and lets you know if you have driving behaviors that are causing you to use more gas. Turn it into a fun game by trying to improve your score each time you drive!


Speaking of games, JouleBug is an innovative app that can help you learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Unlock achievements, watch videos of DIY tips and play with your Facebook friends. JouleBug will even track your energy-saving progress and show you how you compare to other people who use the app.

Find Green

Have you ever thought about supporting businesses in your neighborhood that have the same eco-friendly goals that you do? Take your “go local” mission to a whole new level by using the Find Green mobile app to locate nearby businesses that make sustainability a priority. Currently there are more than 100,000 listings, and the developers add more every day!