Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination because of the iconic Strip, but it is also a great place to live, especially if you are single. Here is a roundup of the best Las Vegas neighborhoods for single ladies and bachelors:


If you are a single in Las Vegas and you are looking for a trendy place to live, head to Paradise. The neighborhood is actually an unincorporated town within the city limits. This area contains a large portion of the Las Vegas Strip and includes the University of Nevada and McCarren International Airport. There are tons of nightlife options along the Strip and plenty of opportunities to meet other singles. If you’re in college, you might want to check out the Freakin’ Frog and Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe, which are two places many university students frequent. Paradise is also a good neighborhood for budget-conscious people because there are many places where you can head for a good time without having to pay the premium prices you’ll see on the Strip.


In this Las Vegas neighborhood, you’ll find many events targeted to singles. It’s an up-and-coming area that boasts art walks on Fridays and food truck nights. Additionally, check out the art district located within the Downtown neighborhood, which is home to places like Artifice and Bar and Bistro. It’s an urban lounge that features live music, craft drinks and, of course, artwork on the walls.

Downtown East

This next neighborhood is near downtown, yet is more affordable, about 15 percent less expensive than the city hub. It’s filled with a range of restaurants from Guatemalan, to Mexican to Chinese fare. Also, when you want to head into Downtown it’s just a short cab ride away.

South Strip

This area, also called Silverado Ranch, contains part of the Strip, which makes it a fun place to have a Las Vegas apartment. It’s considered a safer part of town than other more dangerous neighborhoods off the Strip. So you may want to consider this urban locale as one place to look for your new pad.