With a metropolitan area population of almost three million people, Minneapolis is defining itself as a true multicultural city. If you’re on the lookout for a Minneapolis apartment with fashionable clothing boutiques, hipster thrift stores and other great places to shop, here are the best Minneapolis neighborhoods:


Downtown Minneapolis pretty much runs the gamut on shopping. This part of the city boasts one of the finest shopping locations available to locals–Saks Fifth Ave Outlet Off Fifth. The Saks outlet is always stocked with the latest in both men and women’s fashion, including the most recent collections from Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin. If Saks isn’t your style, head to the Nicollet Mall. Filled with over 400,000 square feet of retail stores to go through, you will find many American and European designers under this roof.

There is also an unconventional bookstore called Open Book on Washington Avenue that displays beautiful pieces of art and doubles as a meeting place/performance space. Open Book is a beautiful multi-purpose venue and is an advocate of the city’s diversity and culture.


Uptown is a popular shopping destination for both longtime locals and tourists just passing through Minneapolis. The retail district is a just few miles south of the downtown area and has it all. Uptown’s stores are fashioned after the Scandinavian sensibility where function meets aesthetic appeal while never letting go of the flair you usually see in major cities. Small, chic boutiques like Cliché on Lyndale Avenue are a treasure trove of the latest in women’s dresses, tops, skirts, local jewelry and footwear.

Calhoun Square is a huge shopping mall in this Minneapolis neighborhood, and it has a great collection of clothing, shoe and toy stores. In addition to all that, it offers a variety of restaurants, a GNC store and a full-size gym for parents and children to enjoy.

Only have $50 to spend? Head over to the Buffalo Exchange for a quality thrift shop excursion. You’ll probably have enough for an entire outfit with some change spare.

Linden Hills

A wonderful community in the southwest region of Minneapolis, Linden Hills has some really great shopping opportunities for adults and kids. Wild Rumpus is a children’s bookstore with a ton of flair. With pet chickens, ferrets and cats scurrying around the place, Wild Rumpus brings back the fun of reading by allowing the human imagination a little room to breathe.

Heart of Tibet and Sky Door is a pleasant store that adds a great deal of diversity to the small Minneapolis neighborhood. You can find any number of books and trinkets from Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand and India here.

What are your favorite Minneapolis neighborhoods for shopping?