So you call yourself a foodie? No, not the foodie that takes Instagram photos of food and plasters them all over Facebook, but the foodie that lives and breathes for a delectable dish. Luckily, some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle are home to top-notch dining that captures the essence of this bustling metropolis.


Home to the annual SeafoodFest and a long-standing maritime industry, Ballard may just be the crown jewel Seattle neighborhood for seafaring foodies. This northern neighborhood has quite the diversity when it comes to dining options, including the trifecta Delancy/Essex Bar/Pantry–a pizzeria, artisan bar and family-style diner that shares a kitchen–that attracts Seattle’s finest gastronauts.


If you’re looking for a Seattle apartment in an offbeat neighborhood, look no further than the eclectic but family-friendly northside hood of Fremont. You may get a whiff of chocolate in the air, as this working-class neighborhood is home to one of the country’s only 100 percent organic, fair-trade chocolate factories (yum)! Although it’s no Pikes Place, the Fremont Sunday Market is famous for crepes and wood-fired pizzas. It’s no surprise this neighborhood is home to restaurants like Homegrown, an environmentally friendly spot with innovative sandwiches.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a unique neighborhood that blends the dense urban lifestyle with plenty of greenspaces and quiet nooks. The 12th Avenue Business District is lined with plenty of joints to grab a bite to eat–and they take it up a notch in this neighborhood. Skillet Diner may seem like a perfect post-night-out spot to grab a greasy dish, but this sunny and retro diner serves up plates like fennel tater tots, garam masala-spiced lamb sloppy joes and burgers with bacon jam. Don’t think this is the only diner in town–the original Dick’s Drive-In opened its doors in 1954 and still dishes out perfectly greasy burgers and ice cream.

Bellevue and Eastside

Bellevue and Eastside may be considered two of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for foodies, as downtown Bellevue alone boasts more than 140 dining options. Head over to The Bellevue Collection and you’ll find 250 restaurants mingling with quaint boutiques and nationally-recognized chain stores. Spots like Monsoon East, Lot No 3 and Facing East are some of the neighborhood’s finest. Head to Burgermaster for your fast-food craving without even having to get out of the car!