Living in a big city is great for commuting via bicycle, but this popular mode of transportation comes with challenges. Bicycling to work in your business attire is far from ideal and you have to carry your purse or briefcase–all while trying to stay safe weaving through urban traffic. If you like to commute on two wheels, consider getting these essential bike accessories:

The Right Clothing

Build up a bicycling wardrobe that includes antimicrobial and moisture-wicking materials. Antimicrobial fabric has been treated with a chemical that prevents the growth of bacteria. This is great if you’re biking in summer and produce sweat. Because the fabric doesn’t allow bacteria to thrive, your clothing won’t smell bad. Wear it to avoid walking into a meeting and feeling self conscious about how you smell.

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Many companies make clothing that looks either business or casual, but is secretly designed to be used as bike accessories. Take a look at Levi, for example. Its commuter line features pants with loops strong enough to hold your U-bolt and reflective stripes on the inside of the pant leg (simply make a cuff before riding).

Iva Jean makes a pencil skirt that has hidden extra fabric that becomes visible when you ride. This design makes biking in a pencil skirt easy and comfortable (and it isn’t with normal skirts). Be on the lookout for cool and innovative clothing designed for cyclists.

Bike Rack or Basket

Install a rack on the back of your bike or a basket on the front. You can secure a bag on top of the rack inside the basket, making traveling with a purse or briefcase significantly easier.

Mounted Lights and Reflectors

Sometimes you have to stay late at the office and ride home when it’s dark outside. If cars can’t see your bike, you could be in danger of a collision. Bike lights will help. Choose a light with a long battery life that’s simple to recharge. You may also want to invest in a device that shines light in several directions. Cars can approach from a variety of angles, so you want to warn drivers no matter where they are.

Complete Patch Kit

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road while bicycling to work–carry a patch kit. Unfortunately, flat tires can happen, but if you’re prepared, you’ll be on your way in no time. Your kit should include a CO2 inflator to refill the air in your tires, a tire-pressure gauge and patches. Stow everything in one place, such as a small zipper bag, that can be tied on to the rack on your bike.

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