Does waking up early, donning a spandex kit and hitting the trail on your road bike sound like the perfect morning? Then you’re probably a cycling enthusiast, which means you and your bike are pretty tight. You keep it in good shape, and in turn, it does the same for you.

As a passionate cyclist, you make sure your wheels are tuned, your tape is fresh and your chains are greased. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could perform all the required maintenance right from home? Fortunately, some luxury apartment buildings now offer a turndown service of sorts for bikes.

This latest trend in upscale rental living is bike-friendly and perfect for those whose daily workout includes copious amounts of peddling. Here’s a look at the rental market and its new take on cycling:

Apartments Appealing to Cyclists

Luxury apartment builders across the country are erecting new units geared toward gear-heads. The available amenities differ by company, but in general, they include an enviable list of maintenance options and community clubs.

Some apartments allow residents to turn in their bikes and return later to pick them up, now fully tuned and operational, while others have a more do-it-yourself model where residents bring their bike to a building garage and use provided tools to maintain their equipment.

A new complex in Seattle, Velo Apartments touts bike-friendly doors and walls, and offers residents bike storage. (Velo means “bike” in French.)

More Cyclists on the Roads

More people are concerned about conservation issues, and bike to work to save on gas. In fact, the American League of Bicyclists estimates that since 2000, bike commuting has increased by 61.6 percent.

Clearly, there’s an interest surrounding biking that has led to the advent of a new breed of apartment amenities.

Bike City USA

Bike-friendly luxury apartments are popping up all over the country, though mostly in big cities where biking is popular. Here are some of the most bike-friendly metropolitan centers in the U.S. (you’re sure to find a cycling haven there!):

Portland, Oregon: The city of Portland provides residents with plenty of bike parking and lanes throughout the area, and if you live there, you probably make use of the amenities. You can hop on a trail (outlined in a city guide) or take your bike to a shop for a tune-up. Of course, taking care of your bike right in your apartment building sounds awesome!

Chicago: With scenic Lake Shore Drive and the annual Bike the Drive event, Chicago is certainly a purveyor of cycling. Of course, you don’t have to stick to one street to enjoy a ride, as many residents take their bikes in to work. Those who don’t own one can rent a Divvy Bike—users purchase a membership and can pick up a bike from one Divvy rack and drop it off at another.

San Francisco: Law enforcement in San Francisco emphasizes bike safety, an effort that has made the city a center of cycling. Not only that, but with the scenery in the area, biking to work sounds like a pleasant experience—bayview ride anyone?

Indianapolis: This small Midwestern city is a hub for biking. Downtown has a lane specifically for bikes that’s neither on the street or the sidewalk. As such, motorists, walkers and cyclists can all get from point A to point B in harmony.

Madison, Wisconsin: This city is filled with bike commuters, as the culture in the area is friendly toward self-propelled travel.Plus, bike lanes and shops fill the city. Whether it’s rush hour or the middle of the afternoon, you’re sure to see plenty of people pushing pedals.

Whether you live in one of these or any of the U.S.’s other bike hubs, you may be able to find a luxury apartment that caters to the avid cyclist. Between a newfound interest in conservation and the sheer joy of thigh burn after an intense race, people are showing renewed interest in bikes.

Fortunately for enthusiasts, apartment construction companies and leasing businesses are using that as a reason to offer residents bike-friendly amenities.

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Bike-Friendly Luxury Apartment Buildings


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