With every season comes a new opportunity to upgrade your apartment decorating. You want the colors and patterns to reflect the seasonal changes and your decor to cater to outdoor temperatures.

Summer will be here before you know it, so you should start planning your design scheme soon. Check out these bright ideas to create a cool, breezy and beautiful atmosphere in your apartment.

Bright Ideas: All the (Window) Fixings

Bright Ideas - Window Coverings

When I think of summer, I recall reading a good book in my bed with the window open, breeze fluttering the hem of my dress. For this reason, the summer season seems like one of the most relaxing times of year.

[How to Hang Curtains Like a Pro]

Of course, it can also be hot. You’ll want to lighten up the decor in your apartment as best you can, and curtains are a great place to start. Swap out heavy drapes for light and airy fabric. Sheer curtains or window fixings made of cotton are perfect. They are lightweight, letting in some of the beautiful summer sun you enjoy, but they also prevent the apartment from getting too hot (feeling sweaty as a result of heat alone can be frustrating!).

Choose curtains that are light in color as well as thickness–bright tones reflect the sun’s rays to keep your apartment cool. White, cream, beige and pastels will work nicely. If you still want a dark color or pattern to dominate your window coverings, just make sure the material is thin so they don’t look too heavy.