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If you're an apartment renter looking to move to a new location but don't know where to begin, the Rent.com blog is here to help you. With articles providing useful insight on the best cities for singles, the best cities for families, the best cities for pet owners, and more, we have all of the information you need so you can move to the environment that's right for you.
So, you need to find a new place to live and you’ve entered panic mode at the mere thought of it. Take a deep breath and relax because we’ve got you covered on this one. Check out these apartment hunting tips to make moving less stressful.
You're freaking out because you're moving to a new city and have no idea what neighborhood to live in, what amenities your budget allows for, and if you'll have to give away your cat. (Not Fluffy!) Have no fear! We have the expert insight to help you find the right apartment that meets all your needs.
You're moving into a new place in a few days and don't even know how to begin going about packing. No worries—we've got you covered. Read all of our tips and tricks to ensure your move is smooth and successful—and you get your full security deposit back.
Say hello to the ultimate guide to apartment living. Here you’ll find tips for living with pets and roommates—and how to clean up after both—along with ways to be eco-friendly, tips for entertaining in small spaces, and other lifestyle focused topics.
You're in the right place if you want tips on recycling, composting, conserving natural resources and living the ultimate eco-friendly life in your home.
Whether you're looking for tips on how to keep your apartment tidy or how to tell your neighbor to turn the techno music down after 11pm on weeknights, we have you covered on all of the best tips for optimal day-to-day living.
You're looking for an apartment that welcomes your pet—but beyond that, you also want tips for making your cat or dog feel just at home as you do. Not to worry. Rent.com has you covered.
Whether you're looking to establish a cleaning schedule or figure out an effective way to divvy up fridge space, we've got all the info you need to guarantee easygoing and pleasant relationships with your roommates.
Your bargain hunting begins here. From cutting your monthly apartment living expenses to finding the best deals, we’ll give you easy ways to save money.
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Trying to save up money but tempted to purchase tickets to Vegas on a whim? Read our tips so you can effectively save money while also having fun!
If cubed rooms and vertical blinds weren’t quite what you had in mind, here are some tips to take apartment living beyond the basics. Whether you’re searching for ways to decorate a small apartment, trying to get your apartment organized, or just making your apartment feel like home, we’re here for you.
You want your apartment to have a sense of style that reflects you, not an IKEA catalogue. Check out our advice to find the right shops—and develop the right strategy—-to decorate your apartment so it's all you.
Whether you want to reduce clutter, create your own patio garden, or dry clean on your homemade clothes line, we've got you covered with all of the top DIY tips and tricks.
Whether you want to paint your walls with flair, become an interior decorating connoisseur, or develop ninja-like skills to assemble a disaster preparedness kit, we've got you covered here.
When you're shopping around for an apartment, one of the first things you're going to want to know about are the rental trends in your specific city. We've got all of the info that you need to know here.
Living in an Atlanta apartment places you in one of the most economically propserous cities in the southeast. With the corporate headquarters of Coca-Cola located here and the stunning views of Midtown and Buckhead on the horizon, Atlanta truly is a hotspot to settle down roots and make yourself at home.
Living in an Austin apartment means living in one of the hippest enclaves in the U.S. for live music, festivals, quality BBQ, and a generally awesome quality of life. Read more to learn everything you need to know about the city that epitomizes cool.
Renting a Baltimore apartment means premiere access to top-notch sporting events (hello, Baltimore Orioles!), a vibrant arts scene, and world famous seafood. Read more about life in this exciting city just south of the Chesapeake Bay.
Boston apartments place you in convenient proximity to everything you need: a public transit stop away from a Celtics or Red Sox game, world-class educational opportunities, and New England clam chowder that simply cannot be beat.
Renting a Charlotte apartment situates you within the hometown of NASCAR, the prestigious University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, among other attractions. Check out all of our articles about Charlotte to see what this awesome city has to offer.
Chicago apartments are close to world-class museums (Art Institute of Chicago, anyone?), Chicago Cub games, and scenic strolls along Lake Michigan. Check out all of our articles on the blog to see how exciting living in the Windy City can be!
Renting a Colorado Springs apartment places you in the heart of the city's economic prosperity and aesthetic beauty. Home of the Garden of the Gods, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and the United States Air Force Academy, living here means immersing yourself in a variety of cultural activities and opportunities. Check out more of our articles to read all about what Colorado Springs has to offer.
If you live in a Dallas apartment you have the opportunity to thrive in a major Texas city—with large-scale economic opportunities, authentic barbecue, a vibrant sports culture, a rich performing arts scene and so much more.
Living in a Denver apartment places you in the most populous city in Colorado, with booming job opportunities, the Rocky Mountains, and the Denver Broncos all within arm's length. Read more on our blog about all of the perks of living in this beautiful and prosperous city.
A hub for art and culture and the home of Motown, living in a Detroit apartment gives you the opportunity to be a part of the cutting-edge change happening in the economic and creative sectors.
Living in a Houston apartment will enable you to experience a diverse urban center with major cultural events—annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, anyone?—along with fine dining, major sports events, and performance arts venues that will make you proud to call this major Texan city your home.
If you live in an Indianapolis apartment, you'll get to check out the city's urban bike path, local artwork, and over six different cultural districts, allowing you to soak up all of the vibrance that this Midwestern city has to offer.
If you live in a Las Vegas apartment, you'll be in the heart of America's playground. Home to casinos, world-class restaurants and renowned live shows you can find any day of the week, you will never be bored if you settle down roots here. Check out our articles to learn all that you need to know about settling down in Sin City.
Renting a Los Angeles apartment means you'll be in the center of the entertainment industry, surrounded by sunny beaches and filled with options for different world-class sporting and art events. Check out more of our articles to learn all about this iconic Southern California city.
Rent a Memphis apartment and immerse yourself in a culture filled with jazz, blues, and barbecue. Check out our articles to learn all you need to know about this exciting southwestern Tennessee city.
Renting a Miami apartment places you in the center of sunny beaches, trendy nightclubs, upscale shopping, Caribbean-inspired cuisine, and a thriving economic sector. Check out our articles to learn everything you need to know about living in this thriving city.
If you live in a Minneapolis apartment, you will be surrounded by a vibrant performing arts scene, picturesque parks, and award-winning cuisine. Read more here to get the lowdown on everything you need to know about this Midwestern gem of a city.
Renting a New York City apartment means getting the firsthand experience of living in one of the biggest cultural meccas in the world. Fortune 500 companies, Broadway Shows, Yankee Games, and world-renowned restaurants are only some of the endless offerings here. Check out our blog to learn everything you need to know about life in the Big Apple.
Renting an Oklahoma City apartment places you in the midst of a thriving economy, world-class sports teams (hello, Oklahoma Thunder), and numerous parks and recreational opportunities. Read more about life in the capital of Oklahoma.
Renting an Orlando apartment means you'll be in close proximity to a thriving economy and a vibrant music scene ... not to mention Disney World! Check out our articles to read more about life in this tourist attraction hub.
Renting a Philadelphia apartment in the city of brotherly love, makes for plenty of excitement and fun. With renowned colonial architecture, world-class educational opportunities, and an abundance of museums and Irish Pubs, living here will guarantee that you always have a good time.
Living in a Phoenix apartment will allow you to take in all that this bustling desert city has to offer. From the burgeoning economy, to the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra to the Arizona Science Center, living in Phoenix guarantees an abundance of opportunities and fun things to do.
Living in a Portland apartment will place you in the midst of the hip Pacific Northwest. With lush green hiking trails, the famous Powell's book shop, and delicious coffee and donut shops at arms length, it's no wonder that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein created a show in honor of this magical place. Read more here about what Portland can offer you.
If you live in a Providence apartment, you'll be in convenient proximity to the world-famous Brown University. A city known for its progressive and intellectual attitude, coffee shops, and abundance of parks and sporting events, renting an apartment here will certainly prove to be an enriching experience. Read all about the Providence lifestyle here.
Rent an apartment in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, and you'll be in the center of a vibrant economy. With the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences located close by, you will also be in convenient proximity to many exciting cultural events and venues. Read more here about what Raleigh can offer you.
Renting a Sacramento apartment in California's state capital, means that you'll be in the middle of all of the action. With the political energy of the city combined with the sporting events (Sacramento Kings game, anyone?), and musical performances, renting here means you'll always be a part of something exciting. Read more about life in Sacramento here.
Rent a San Antonio apartment and you'll be living in a economically thriving city with a number of attractions that include the San Antonio River Walk, SeaWorld, and the McNay art museum, among others. Read more articles here to get the lowdown on what life is like in the second most populated city in Texas, and all of the ways that San Antonio could be the perfect city for you.
Rent a San Diego apartment and you'll find yourself in a sunny Southern California paradise with an abundance of job opportunities, countless beaches, and Mexican cuisine that cannot be beat. Read more about how you might fit perfectly into the San Diego lifestyle here.
Rent a San Francisco apartment and you'll find yourself in the midst of tech entrepreneurship and innovation. With world class cuisine, San Francisco Giants baseball games, and the de Young Fine Arts Museum featuring cutting edge exhibits, living in San Francisco means that there is always excitement and opportunity within reach. Check out more our articles here to learn all about life in this iconic city by the bay.
Rent a Savannah apartment and you'll find yourself enchanted by the city's picturesque squares, gothic architecture, and creative spirit with an emphasis on literature and the arts. Check out our articles here to learn more more about life in this gorgeous Southern city.
Rent a Seattle apartment and you'll find yourself surrounded by an exciting tech-based economy, an abundance of coffee shops, and a world-class music scene. Check out all of our articles here to learn more about life in Seattle.
Rent a Tampa apartment and you'll be in a city with plenty of job opportunities, sporting events and cultural venues. From celebrating the city's annual "Mardi Gras" to catching a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, living in this city means you will always have a good time. Check out our blog for more info about life in this fun, exciting city.
Rent a Washington D.C.apartment and you'll find yourself in the heart of America's political landscape. Add the Smithsonian Museums (all of which have free admission), delicious food, and a strong music scene, and living in DC will prove to be a fast-paced and fascinating destination to settle down roots. Read more here about what you should expect when you move to your new place in Washington D.C.

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