There are some celebrities that you just can’t get enough of. You follow their Twitter account and hunt the tabloids to find their latest look. You may want to take your infatuation to the next level by decorating your apartment to match the style of your favorite celeb. Here’s how:

Find the Right Celebrity Style

Before you can decorate your apartment in the mode of your favorite celebrity, you have to identify what that person’s style. Are they modern, vintage, bad boy, biker or any number of other definitive styles? If you aren’t sure, compile all of your data on that person. Look for clothing choices that consistently follow a theme. For example, Zooey Deschanel tends to wear A-line skirts and dresses with a retro feel. The more you investigate her eclectic look, you may find that she borrows a lot from mid-century designs, then adds a bit of a quirky modern edge. Once you’ve discerned your chosen celeb’s look, you can transform it into furniture and decor.

Do Your Research

You may have some idea of what your favorite celebrity’s style is, but doing some research will help it all make sense. First, take a crash course on fashion history and trends either by finding a book on the subject or seeking information online. You should know all the major classifications so that you can identify the trends your favorite celebrity wears.

Next, become versed in architecture and interior design movements. By knowing the key identifiers in each movement, you’ll be able to develop apartment decor ideas that match fashion trends. 


Country Style

If you want to match the celebrity style of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood or Rachel Bilson, consider the country look, which is classified by rustic elegance and a soft, neutral palette. Choose sturdy pieces and use patterns like large stripes and florals. Handmade pottery, baskets and hand-forged metal are all accents to include.

Celebrity Style - Rachel Bilson - Country

Eclectic Style

The eclectic category encompasses celebs who dare to be different, like Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani. This interior design scheme is filled with unique elements that may surprise you. The pieces you include might be random, but you should use contrast, color, texture and composition techniques to be sure the apartment is cohesive. For example, you can have a Japanese vase next to a Moroccan lamp as long as they share the same colors or shape.

 Celebrity Style - Katy Perry - Eclectic

Mediterranean​ Style

Love the style of Penelope Cruz and Selena Gomez? The casual and carefree Mediterranean style of the south of Spain, Greece and Italy might just be perfect for you. A Mediterranean room with is filled with vibrant colors and furniture with ornate details.

Celebrity Style - Selena Gomez - Mediterranean

Modern Design

Kanye West can often be seen wearing tuxes in black and white with the right addition of metal and diamond jewelry pieces. His look is clean and sleek–features of modern design. Choose apartment decor that utilizes a variety of lines to create visual appeal. Choose pieces that blend rigid geometric shapes with curving surfaces. Minimalism is the key here, with dark colors on furniture or walls to complement Kanye’s choice of suits.

 Celebrity Style - Kanye West - Modern


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