When the holidays roll around, most of us give ourselves a bit of a break in the diet department. After all, why should you deprive yourself of all those delicious cookies? And pies? And food-coma inducing, Martha Stewart-worthy meals? Even celebrities aren’t immune to a little holiday weight gain, which is why, like the rest of us, they put in some extra hours at the gym after New Year’s Day. If you’re looking to lose weight after you’ve unwrapped the last gift and rung in the new year with your BFFs, try these celebrity tips for shedding those holiday pounds.

1. Find the Right Motivation

When reality-TV star Kim Kardashian needs to lose weight, the first thing she does is look for the right motivation. Kim regularly works out with her older sister Kourtney and has found that having an exercise buddy makes it much easier to head to the gym. For a little extra push in the right direction, Kim recommends buying yourself some cute workout clothes–at the very least you’ll be motivated to exercise so you can show off your new gear! We’re really loving Kate Hudson’s new line, Fabletics.

2. Balance a Healthy Diet with Exercise

The secret to rocker Gwen Stefani’s amazing body? Balancing a healthy diet with exercise. Just running every day isn’t enough–you have to have nutritious meals as well. To get yourself in the habit of eating healthy, and consume everything in moderation. But the more fruits and veggies you have, the better! Protein and whole grains are also an important part of any diet. Just remember: it’s OK to cheat every once in awhile. Gwen says it’s the key to sticking with a healthy diet over the long term.

3. Choose an Exercise Routine that Works Multiple Muscle Groups

Grammy Award-winning singer and all-around musical superstar Beyonce works hard to maintain her amazing body, and you can use some of her workout advice to shed thsy pesky holiday weight gain. To save time, Queen Bey does exercises that work several muscle groups at one time. Give high intensity interval training (HIIT) a try–it will help you burn calories much faster than you would just running on the treadmill. But to emulate Beyonce’s favorite workout, all you have to do is dance. Apartment living room dance party, anyone?

4. Mix Strength Training and Cardio

Another secret to shedding post-holiday pounds? Mixing strength training and cardio, like country music star Carrie Underwood does. Just doing one or the other isn’t going to burn nearly as many calories as blending the two types of exercise. Another upside to this weight-loss method? You’ll be less likely to get bored with your workout routine. Alternate the days you do strength training and cardio for a good balance.

5. Try a Diet Plan

If all else fails–or if you need a quick fix–you can always try a diet plan. Kim Kardashian swears by the Atkins Diet, while Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson has seen great success with Weight Watchers. When dieting, it’s important to stay realistic. Know that losing weight can be challenging and it will take some time. But if you stick with it and have a great support system, you’ll be a happy, healthier you.