Unlike celebrities, when we need tips for getting organized, most of us aren’t able to hire a professional to get our lives in order. Celebrity tips may be hard to come by (after all, how hard is it to keep an 8,000 square foot mansion clutter-free?), but the pro advice we should really all be paying attention to comes from celebrity organizers. Use these tips to get your apartment and life in order.


If you’re anything like me, your shoe collection can easily get out of control. Why I continue to keep high heels that are too painful to walk in I will never understand. Fortunately, Linda Koopersmith, organizer to stars like Jessica Alba and Orlando Bloom, has a few ideas to keep your shoes organized: Force yourself to get rid of anything you don’t use regularly, and put seasonal shoes in storage. Use clear shoe-size boxes to store pumps, and keep them in your closet based on color and type. Believe it or not, this will take up less space while giving you easy access to your favorite shoes.


According to A-list organizer Devin Adante, Hillary Clinton has a lot of wisdom to impart when it comes to keeping purses organized. Rather than dumping everything in the bottom of your bag each time you switch purses, keep individual items in small mesh bags so everything will stay organized even when you’re in a hurry. If it works for the former Secretary of State, it will work for you!


Justin Klosky, who has lent his organizational expertise to the likes of Topher Grace and Sharon Osbourne, has some great celebrity tips for your closet. If you can afford it, purchase new hangers that match because it will help save space. Separate your clothing into sections–like sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and blazers–and use divider tabs to clearly designate each group. If you’re feeling really gung-ho about getting organized, you can even sort each individual section by color! Justin’s other favorite organizational tip? Belt holders. They’ll change your life.


Getting organized isn’t just about putting your apartment in order–it’s about reducing stress in your life. A great way to accomplish this is to buy a calendar. No, I’m not talking about the tiny electronic one on your smartphone–I mean a giant wall calendar. Justin recommends using it to keep track of recurring appointments, workouts and meetings so all the information you need about your schedule is in one place. The process of writing it down will make it easier to remember, too.

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