Some of the favorite celebrity vacation spots in the U.S. are more obvious, while others would surprise even the biggest pop culture followers. Whether you want to enjoy the same surroundings as a celebrity or go on a famous person-spotting adventure, options abound when planning a trip to some of the more lovable destinations in the U.S.


If that famous Big Willie Style track isn’t ringing through your head yet, you might not be a child of the 1990s. However, Miami is one of the most popular and obvious locations for celebrities to visit. Big-name athletes like Lebron James and Dwayne Wade call this city home, while many more flock to it even during the warmest months. Beyonce has been seen visiting the Basel Art Exhibit in the city, as this cultural mecca attracts all types of celebrities from around the globe.

New York City

Another obvious choice, this bustling hub of the East Coast experiences a massive influx of celebrities in the summer months. Celebrities can be spotted throughout the city, as well as its northern suburbs, such as Westchester and Bedford. Though a fun destination throughout the year, the city truly comes to life when the summer comes around.


Known as the Pine Tree State, Maine is home to Islesboro, which is an enclave that is accessible by air taxi and ferry. This locale is one of the most popular for celebrity vacations in all of New England, as personas such as John Travolta and Kirstie Alley have been spotted taking some time off in this beautiful area.

New Orleans

One of the most popular locales to visit in the South, New Orleans serves the dual purpose of offering unique and breathtaking foods and beverages as well as a popular filming location for Hollywood. Celebrities ranging from Willie Nelson and Usher to Nicolas Cage and John Goodman have been spotted in this city.

Nashville and Graceland

Tennessee is home to some of the most famous destinations to visit when it comes to the musical history of the nation. Paul McCartney recently made the pilgrimage to Graceland, where Elvis’ grave can be visited. In Nashville, musicians such as Kid Rock and Hank Williams, Jr., can be found at famous bars such as Tootsie’s Orchard Lounge throughout the year.


Another obvious choice for a classic getaway, Hawaii has been a destination for celebrities from around the world for decades. In Honolulu, visitors can often spot celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Randy Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the winter or summer months.


This state has only recently become a more popular destination for celebrity vacations, as big names such as Taylor Swift and Jay-Z have started to frequent prestigious locales such as the Monelucia Resort and Spa in Scottsdale.


Home to one of the most famous skiing locations in the U.S., Jackson Hole is a popular vacation destination in the winter months. Celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Matthew McConaughey and Ron Howard have all been seen enjoying some time off in Jackson Hole and other areas in the Cowboy State.

Have you visited any of these celebrity vacation spots?