Moving is a big task. But if you neglect (or just forget!) to make an official change of address, it can cause a lot of trouble, from late payments to missing income or lost opportunities. Changing your address is pretty simple; you just have to remember WHO to tell you’ve moved. Mail Forwarding only protects you for a while, and those pieces of mail can be greatly delayed in getting to you.

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So who do you need to tell that you’re moving?  We’ve compiled a list of people, companies and government agencies you need to contact, either online, by phone, by snail mail or in person.

Utility Companies

This one can be easy to forget. Especially during the hustle and bustle of your move. However, it is important to let the utility companies know you have moved. They will need to take your name off of your accounts, and send you a final bill.

Department of Motor Vehicles

If you just moved across town, you don’t have make a special trip down to the DMV.  You can change your address online once the dust settles from your move. You typically have between 30-60 days (depending on your state) to let the DMV know of your address change. You don’t want to be late on this, so you are not subject to fines.

The Bank

Why does the bank need your address? Everything is on-line? When you have to make a withdrawal, the bank will want to see your ID. If your address does not match their records it may be more difficult for you to access your funds. Checks are not nearly as popular as they once were. But those would need to be updated too.

Your Work

Even if your paychecks are direct deposit, your work still needs to know your new address. When tax season rolls around, most employers mail out tax forms. If you have a 401K or employer stock options, that information gets mailed too.

Amazon or Other Subscription Companies
You don’t want goods being shipped to your old address, that’s for sure. And it’s now probably a default for online shipping. Think about who you get goods (or even magazines) from and update your address with them by online form, phone or snail mail.

Your Doctors

Even if you haven’t been to the doctor in long time, this one still makes the list. Sometimes it can take a long time to process billing (it can be over a year). You want to make sure you are up-to-date on all medical bills. Don’t put a black mark on your credit just because you moved.

Your Insurance Companies

This is especially important for your renters insurance. If you don’t let your insurance company know you have moved, your items may not be insured at your new home. One quick call to your agent, and your belongings are still protected.

Moving can be stressful. But changing your address doesn’t have to be. And if you forget someone, you mail will be forwarded for quite some time.

Hot Tip: These re-labeled pieces of mail will arrive late, but will give you a clue who you forgot to update. 

You’ve done the hardest part: you moved to a new home. Communicating that you’ve moved is the easy part.